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Noun1.footcandle - a unit of illuminance on a surface that is everywhere 1 foot from a point source of 1 candle
illumination unit - a measure of illumination
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one footcandle equals the amount of light given off by a lit candle over a one-square-foot area located one foot away from the light source).
At a distance of one ft, a standard candle produces one footcandle upon a surface normal to the beam.
9) def#117766- administration building findings: the quantity and placement of emergency egress light fixtures at the south and west exits for building 1409 do not provide the code required minimum of 1 footcandle average and 0.
Houghton recommends comparing the light levels in each space to the code for your city, county or state: "Look at the minimum of light you have to have, then walk around the parking lot, sidewalk and sides of the building with a footcandle meter to see if you're within the codes in regards to minimum light.
In the evening, the space can be used to entertain clients with a footcandle level (12 fc) that's very low.
This performance is based on the visual effective lumens (VEL) of Induction lamps, versus the traditional outdoor footcandle measurement criteria developed for HID lamps many years ago.
For each sport and each league or class, industry standards give corresponding suggested field dimensions, footcandle levels, the number of floodlights per pole and their beam spreads, the number of poles with their height and setback, and matching aiming diagrams.
Most state sanitary codes base illumination requirements on the footcandle, as do OSHA, NSF, the American Public Health Association, the American National Standards Institute, the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, and the American Correctional Association.
Three factors affect the amount of footcandle illumination available at any given point.