(fo͝ot′lông′, -lŏng′)
Being one foot in length.
A hot dog or submarine sandwich that is one foot long.
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There are also two types of footlong lasagna: Chicken and Spicy Vegetarian, and two new desserts, Red Velvet Cookie Dough infused with cream cheese and white chocolate chips and Choco Mint Cookie Dough infused with mint and chocolate chips.
If you can get past the visual blemishes what you have here is a perfect slice of US sport, all that is missing is the footlong hot-dog and cup of cold beer.
Footlong DJs - Shane Morris, Uptonogood and guest DJs Craig Barlett and Dave Mills.
It tolerates my company like it tolerates the company of the bright footlong fish that floats near its head, lunging at matter the turtle has dislodged.
In January, an Australian teenager posted a Facebook photograph of a Subway Footlong next to a measuring tape--revealing that, despite its name, the sandwich was only 11 inches long.
Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure that every Subway Footlong sandwich is 12 inches at each location worldwide.
DAI), the franchisor of Subway Sandwich Shops, announces that a settlement has been proposed in a putative class action lawsuit about the marketing of Six Inch and Footlong Subway Sandwiches.
Specialists hunting truly immense dock snook often go as high as 100-pound-test, or even moderately heavy steel--but of course these guys are baiting up footlong mullet or ladyfish and waiting patiently for one demented old snook to fly off the handle.
In an email to the Examiner the woman told how the council tried to cut the footlong grass last week, but were thwarted because of all the rubbish caught up in it.