(fo͝ot′lông′, -lŏng′)
Being one foot in length.
A hot dog or submarine sandwich that is one foot long.
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Come on, when Phyllis (Linda Bassett, left) shared that footlong apple strudel with Wolfie at the end of this emotional opening episode, she wasn't just thanking him for the kindness he had shown to a retired Jewish baker and his dying wife.
In addition to Subway's plans to relaunch the $5 Footlong, McDonald's will revive a version of its Dollar Menu next month.
Turning a handle shuffled the track to advance metal racehorses up a four footlong course.
com/north-korean-soldier-who-defected-had-roundworms-hepatitis-b-inactive-tuberculosis-2618546) reports , when the doctors were operating on the soldier after he was shot while crossing the border, they found numerous parasites and also an almost footlong roundworm.
Or if sticking to Subway, try the Oven Roasted Chicken, which is 467 calories for a footlong sub.
Ministers launched a crackdown on the blades, which can be up to two footlong with a serrated edge and carry images or words that glamorise violence.
So where better for him to go than Santa Clara, capital of Silicon Valley, home of $20 kale and spinach juices after yoga, to encourage people to chow down on buffalo wings, pulled pork nachos and footlong hot dogs and sink as much Bud Light as possible.
Specialists hunting truly immense dock snook often go as high as 100-pound-test, or even moderately heavy steel--but of course these guys are baiting up footlong mullet or ladyfish and waiting patiently for one demented old snook to fly off the handle.
In an email to the Examiner the woman told how the council tried to cut the footlong grass last week, but were thwarted because of all the rubbish caught up in it.
From classic dough flatbreads to the signature footlong lasagna, the brand now offers its customers ever more reasons to visit with the promise that there is something for everyone at Pizza Hut.
Had traditional surgery been Mary Anne's only option, she would have to endure a footlong incision that could pose several problems.