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foot·pad 1

A thief who preys on pedestrians.

[foot + obsolete thieves' cant pad, highway, highwayman (from Dutch pad or Middle Low German pat, pad-, path, both from Germanic *patha-; see pent- in Indo-European roots).]

foot·pad 2

1. The cushionlike flesh on the underpart of the toes and feet of many animals.
2. A plate or similar structure on the leg of a spacecraft that distributes weight and helps prevent sinking after landing.


(Historical Terms) archaic a robber or highwayman, on foot rather than horseback



a highwayman or robber who goes on foot.
[1675–85; foot + pad2, in sense “highwayman”]
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Noun1.footpad - a highwayman who robs on footfootpad - a highwayman who robs on foot  
highwayman, hijacker, road agent, highjacker - a holdup man who stops a vehicle and steals from it
References in classic literature ?
I stood up the Chief of Police," said the First Footpad, "and I got away with what he had.
And I," said the Second Footpad, "stood up the United States District Attorney, and got away with - "
Two Footpads sat at their grog in a roadside resort, comparing the evening's adventures.
Far off, the lofty jet of the whale might be seen, and nearer at hand the prowling shark, that villainous footpad of the seas, would come skulking along, and, at a wary distance, regard us with his evil eye.
She felt like one who had suffered the terror of the onslaught of a murderous footpad only to find out that it was an innocent pedestrian asking the time.
I tell you it is as true of these rich fools and rascals as it is true of every poor footpad and pickpocket; that only God knows how good they have tried to be.
As soon as we were out of doors, Egbert, with the manner of a little footpad, demanded a shilling of me on the ground that his pocket-money was "boned" from him.
For feeding a rascally footpad, locked up these six months in the little cell of the flayer, until it should be determined what to do with him, six livres, four sols.
For example, they are the thieves, burglars, cutpurses, footpads, robbers of temples, man-stealers of the community; or if they are able to speak they turn informers, and bear false witness, and take bribes.
At that time, too, all the roads in the neighbourhood of the metropolis were infested by footpads or highwaymen, and it was a night, of all others, in which any evil- disposed person of this class might have pursued his unlawful calling with little fear of detection.
It seems to me, Sancho- and it is impossible it can be otherwise- that some strayed traveller must have crossed this sierra and been attacked and slain by footpads, who brought him to this remote spot to bury him.
There was me thinking Footpad was the best (chance) of the week