for anything

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Adv.1.for anything - under any circumstances; "she wouldn't give up her pets for love or money"
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I don't care for anything, now that the will's torn up again.
Run and find out what it is," she said, and with a calm sense of being prepared for anything, she sat down in a low chair, folding her hands on her knees.
I will marry you if you will see that our engagement is announced everywhere tomorrow, and that you do not ask me for anything at all, mind, not even--not anything--for three months' time, at least.
Finally, even if I had wanted to be anything but magnanimous, had desired on the contrary to revenge myself on my assailant, I could not have revenged myself on any one for anything because I should certainly never have made up my mind to do anything, even if I had been able to.
For anything you know I may never have a chance to taste ice cream again.