force down

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w>force down

vt sep foodsich (dat)hinunterquälen; aeroplanezur Landung zwingen; pricedrücken; laughunterdrücken; lid of suitcase etcmit Gewalt zumachen
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A mighty man at cutting and drying, he was; a government officer; in his way (and in most other people's too), a professed pugilist; always in training, always with a system to force down the general throat like a bolus, always to be heard of at the bar of his little Public-office, ready to fight all England.
The front end of the sled was turned up, like a scroll, in order to force down and under the bore of soft snow that surged like a wave before it.
Here was where another man in the boat would have been of value to him; for, with me but a few feet astern, he did not dare let go the tiller and run amidships to try to force down the centre-board.
But, happily, the winds usually force down most of these dangerous ruins, as their currents are admitted into the woods by the surrounding clearings, and such a fall as this has been is very rare.
Together they negotiated with the woman, who had locked herself in a toilet cubicle, and Gary chose to force down the door when she did not respond.
The additional competition to existing Tesco, Texaco and Esso service stations could force down petrol prices in the area, with Asda having a reputation for the lowest forecourt prices in many areas of the UK.
With the odd percentage deducted for margin of error, I've worked out that if I eat nine apples a day and force down a bit of steamed broccoli my life expectancy will be just short of 104.

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