forced landing

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Noun1.forced landing - an unscheduled airplane landing that is made under circumstances (engine failure or adverse weather) not under the pilot's control
aircraft landing, airplane landing - landing an aircraft
crash landing - an emergency landing under circumstances where a normal landing is impossible (usually damaging the aircraft)
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Do any readers remember a bi-plane which made a forced landing either during WW2 or just after off the Pennyfine Road near Sunniside, Gateshead?
The aircraft is badly damaged, but pilot Dan Griffith carried out a textbook forced landing.
The press office of Sofia Airport confirmed that an aircraft of El Al had made a forced landing but did not comment on the reasons behind the measure.
According to a statement of the National Defense Ministry, this forced landing is due to "an ordinary technical failure", specifying that the crew members managed, thanks to a successful technical manoeuvre, to move away the helicopter from the dwelling places and the Tunis-Marsa highway.
It wasn't so much a crash as a forced landing and there were no injuries.
passenger after the forced landing at the Jiayuguan Airport and are searching
Summary: DUBAI - Emirates airline, the biggest single-customer of Airbus A380, said on Thursday it had no plans to ground its 13 superjumbos following the Qantas forced landing in Singapore.
The aircraft, which made a forced landing, struck trees with its blades causing a deadly fall , the source said.
But a plane's forced landing with the cunning Shawn Morris aboard, and the finding of clay figures brings a mystery, blackmail, and danger for an endangered species, the tuatara, that have managed to survive in the trees and scrub atop Jelly Mountain.
The French-built Robin aircraft made a forced landing in field near Cerrigydrudion in July last year Edmond Ottria, 60, and his friend Bernard Anstett, 67, from Paris, were seriously injured.
The 36-year-old lawyer, originally from South Africa but who has lived in Paris for ten years, held hands with his wife as smoke gathered in the roof of the cabin 20 minutes before the forced landing yesterday.
We understand it was an engine failure which is why the pilot made the forced landing," she said.