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1. A sense of impending evil or misfortune.
2. An evil omen; a portent.

fore·bod′ing·ly adv.
fore·bod′ing·ness n.
References in classic literature ?
And he dreaded that mind: it revolted him: he shrank forebodingly from the idea of committing Isabella to its keeping.
Unwillingly and forebodingly, Horace left the room.
Meanwhile, while searching for the errant Janis, the disease-resistant Stone forebodingly searches the pits where the corpses of the victims of the Black Death are to be burned.
While the cross-dressing prank is humorous and harmless in itself (assuming "Chamberlayne " was a willing participant), Lydia shows herself to be on forebodingly over-familiar terms with a group of mobile young men.
These two clubs have not shared a goalless draw in my lifetime - February 23, 1974 was the last - and prior to a midday kick-off,Pardew had promised to "set up to attack but," adding forebodingly, "we will concede".
It all depends on the scientists, and in this episode - forebodingly entitled 'Frankenstein's Monsters' - Brian asks whether British scientists are sometimes corrupted.
The accountant retrieves the originals, takes photocopies, and I head back to Sourpuss, the lobby forebodingly faineant when you're clutching No.
STURBRIDGE - Acting as an enunciator of the chilly season's arrival, the monumental steely face of Jack Frost sways back and forth as it peers forebodingly at oncoming traffic overlooking Sturbridge's main street.
Forebodingly, all signs point toward policyholders bumping up against the out-of-pocket maximums.
Later when Banquo rides unwittingly toward his assassination, he predicts forebodingly, "It will be rain tonight" to which the first murderer responds, completing the same pentameter line, "Let it come down" (3.
The railroad's presence, even in images seemingly focused upon other aspects of small-town life, is akin to that of the nuclear reactors that hover forebodingly in several of the photographs published in Mitch Epstein's book American Power (2009).