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1. A sense of impending evil or misfortune.
2. An evil omen; a portent.

fore·bod′ing·ly adv.
fore·bod′ing·ness n.
References in classic literature ?
Unwillingly and forebodingly, Horace left the room.
And he dreaded that mind: it revolted him: he shrank forebodingly from the idea of committing Isabella to its keeping.
He also spoke forebodingly of catastrophic dangers from abroad, warning that North Korea would "very soon" threaten the United States with nuclear-tipped missiles.
USS Callister" is a so-so space opera, a Star Trek parody that features the guy from Breaking Bad and season two of Fargo (Jesse Plemons) "Metalhead" features very little dialogue and lots of running and the deliciously slow-burning crime story called "Crocodile" with its angular Icelandic architecture serving as a forebodingly icy backdrop.
Synopsis: Increasingly and forebodingly, contemporary artists are turning their attention to the subject of climate change, in poignant and often confrontational ways.
This American official makes the matter crystal clear: not only must he doubt Gales's citizenship, he must also doubt his existence: "I doubt your birth as long as you have no certificate of your birth," the consul explains forebodingly.
His decline is indicated by corresponding Dionysian images; his "desire to travel" is echoed by the exotic vision of a Dionysian landscape that is, forebodingly, "moist and lush and monstrous" and the "glinting eyes of a crouching tiger" symbolize the stirring of his carnal impulse.
In a remarkable turn, it is the unrepentant capitalists who are lost in, as the author forebodingly notes, "the intensity of the blackest midnight darkness" (Spencer 146).
The company is adding two Kylian works to its repertoire: his stately spiritually charged Symphony of Psalms and the eerie, forebodingly beautiful Tar and Feathers both of which were created on Nederlands Dans Theater.
The bot, forebodingly dubbed Overmind, represented a triumph in machine learning.
A forebodingly dark sky gathers above the roofs of Liverpool Picture by COLIN LANE
Rather forebodingly, this blinkered approach to forcing the GNA into power appears increasingly makeshift, disengaged from the Libyan context and more likely to aggravate than pacify the situation.