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A golf caddie who is positioned in the fairway and points out the location of balls on the course.


(ˈfɔːˌkædɪ) or


(Golf) golf a caddie who keeps track of all balls in play
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It also is the only course in Oregon that sends out a forecaddy with every group, to better help golfers find their way - and their ball.
Balls that failed to carry grass-, brush- and lava rock-covered knolls that sprout from the fairways - or ran farther than expected and dove into one of the fairway hazards - sometimes could not be found, even with help of a forecaddy.
The $175 greens fee includes a forecaddy and use of the club's practice facility.
Graham's job was to drive announcers Frank Gifford, Keith Jackson, Chris Schenkel, Jim Lampley and Byron Nelson to their hotels and also act as a forecaddy on the broadcast.