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 (fōk′səl, fôr′kăs′əl) also fo'c's'le (fōk′səl)
1. The section of the upper deck of a ship located at the bow forward of the foremast.
2. A superstructure at the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed. See Usage Note at boatswain.

[Middle English forecastel : fore-, fore- + castel, fortification; see castle.]


(ˈfəʊksəl) ,




(Nautical Terms) the part of a vessel at the bow where the crew is quartered and stores, machines, etc, may be stowed


(ˈfoʊk səl, ˈfɔrˌkæs əl, -ˌkɑ səl, ˈfoʊr-)

also fo'c's'le

1. a superstructure at or immediately aft of the bow of a vessel, used as a shelter for stores, machinery, etc., or as quarters for sailors.
2. any sailors' quarters located in the forward part of a vessel, as a deckhouse.
3. the forward part of the weather deck of a vessel, esp. the part forward of the foremast.
[1400–50; Middle English forcastell a towerlike structure on a ship's bow < Anglo-French; see fore-, castle]
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Noun1.forecastle - living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housedforecastle - living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed
living quarters, quarters - housing available for people to live in; "he found quarters for his family"; "I visited his bachelor quarters"
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
castillo de proa


[ˈfəʊksl] Ncamarote m de la tripulación (Hist) → castillo m de proa


fo'c'sle [ˈfəʊksl] n [ship] → poste m d'équipage.


n (Naut) → Vorschiff nt, → Vorderdeck nt; (in Merchant Navy) → Logis nt


fo'c's'le [ˈfəʊksl] n (Naut) → castello di prua
References in classic literature ?
The boy, also in due time, passed from the forecastle to the cabin, spent a tempestuous manhood, and returned from his world-wanderings, to grow old, and die, and mingle his dust with the natal earth.
Finally, I always go to sea as a sailor, because of the wholesome exercise and pure air of the forecastle deck.
extending it upon the forecastle deck, he now proceeds cylindrically to remove its dark pelt, as an African hunter the pelt of a boa.
He took Tom's trunk, which contained a very neat and abundant wardrobe, to the forecastle, where it was soon surrounded by various hands of the boat.
As our charge was wrapped in his cloak, I purposely passed within a boat or two's length of the floating Custom House, and so out to catch the stream, alongside of two emigrant ships, and under the bows of a large transport with troops on the forecastle looking down at us.
The whole schooner had been overhauled; six berths had been made astern out of what had been the after-part of the main hold; and this set of cabins was only joined to the galley and forecastle by a sparred passage on the port side.
On the forecastle lay the perfection of a breech-loading gun, very thick at the breech, and very narrow in the bore, the model of which had been in the Exhibition of 1867.
Technically speaking, they are "secured in-board"; and, on the forecastle head, lashed down to ring-bolts with ropes and chains, under the straining sheets of the head-sails, they look very idle and as if asleep.
Only as I passed the door of the forecastle, I heard a deep, quiet, trustful sigh of some sleeper inside.
There is nothing in literature more remarkable than the impression produced by Dana's portraiture of the homely inner life of a little brig's forecastle.
In the forecastle a voice is humming a song of Eva Denison's that has caught the fancy of the men; the young girl who sang it so sweetly not twenty minutes since who sang it again and again to please the crew she alone is at war with our little world she alone would head a mutiny if she could.
So, while the doctor was pursuing his descriptive course of lecturing in the officers' mess, Joe reigned supreme on the forecastle, holding forth in his own peculiar manner, and making history to suit himself--a style of procedure pursued, by the way, by the greatest historians of all ages and nations.