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intr.v. fore·checked, fore·check·ing, fore·checks
To check an ice-hockey opponent in the opponent's own defensive zone.

fore′check′er n.


(ˈfɔːˌtʃɛk) ice hockey
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) the act of gaining control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
vb (intr)
(Hockey (Field & Ice)) to try to gain control of the puck while at the opponents' end of the rink
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Some great forechecking by the line of Crowder, Faryna and Haddad led to the puck being deflected into the middle of the ice, where Gleason Fournier grabbed it and rifled a wrist shot over the shoulder of Andy Iles into the net of the Flyers to give the Devils a 2-0 lead at 11:55.
Brickley's forechecking and net-front presence earned him a spot on the second line earlier this season.
And we're confident that the DCU Center and city officials will be forechecking, backchecking, and triple-checking in their efforts to land another team soon.
For two periods we were playing really good hockey - forechecking, hassling and doing everything we should be doing," Ward said.
Speed kills and if you keep the puck and have the speed to skate yourselves out of trouble, it makes it much harder for the opposition to play that forechecking game.
He also gave the line a vital forechecking element on the road, where the Canucks could take their pick of line matchups.
It was great forechecking from our forwards, putting pressure on, creating a turnover - what Willy (coach Rob Wilson) wants and it worked.
Excess testosterone not only increases aggression (note that most NHL coaches have a policy of harder forechecking at home), but it also has a reliable, dose-dependent effect on leg power and overall muscle strength.
Just over two minutes later Mark Morrison produced a wonderful forechecking shift and his persistence paid off when his pass was skillfully converted by Levers who lifted the puck over the shoulder of Steelers netminder Jody Lehman on his backhand from close range.
After two shifts of relentless forechecking by the Devils to open the game, Faryna batted in a rebound to open the scoring at 1:52 with his linemates Joey Haddad and Paul Crowder picking up assists.
Fired-up SPM, with solid forechecking and creating plenty of open ice, struck for its two goals at 1:20 and 2:44 of the second period.