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tr.v. fore·saw (-sô′), fore·seen (-sēn′), fore·see·ing, fore·sees
To imagine or know as a probable occurrence; anticipate or predict: foresaw economic decline.

fore·see′a·ble adj.
fore·se′er n.
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The data center's existing Eaton Foreseer software that allows Waste Management to monitor its power and energy usage remains in place.
The castle's name allegedly arose from a legend of the Roman poet Virgil, who developed a reputation as a sorcerer and foreseer of the future.
com GENEROUS chestnut colt, born February 8, 1988 Pedigree Northern Dancer Nijinsky Flaming Page Caerleon (b 1980) Round Table Foreseer Regal Gleam Dust Commander Master Derby Madam Jerry Doff the Derby (b 1981) Tulyar Margarethen Russ-Marie Bred by Barronstown Stud in Ireland Race record Ran 11 Won 6 2nd 1 3rd 1 Earned pounds 1,119,944 Big races won Dewhurst Stakes, Derby, Irish Derby, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes Group 1-winning progeny Catella (Aral Pokal)
The system can be managed locally and remotely via direct communications and the network, and interfaces with both enterprise-monitoring software and FORESEER foundation equipment-monitoring packages.
Foreseer Building Management System for "real-time" monitoring of all critical infrastructure
Red God Runaway Bride Blushing Groom I Will Follow Irish River Dancing Shadow Caerleon Doff The Derby Shirley Heights Edinburgh Herbager Where You Lead Riverman Irish Star Dancer's Image Sunny Valley Nijinsky Foreseer Master Derby Margarethen Mill Reef Hardiemma Charlottown Queen's Castle Wild Risk Aimee Nasrullah Spring Run Vandale Flagette Raise A Native Noblesse Never Bend River Lady Klairon Botany Bay Native Dancer Noors Image Val De Loir Sunland Northern Dancer Flaming Page Round Table Regal Gleam Dust Commander Madam Jerry Tulyar Russ-Marie Never Bend Milan Mill Hardicanute Grand Cross Charlottesville Meld Sovereign Path Country House Rainbow Quest River Dancer Spectrum (b 1992) Highland Gift (b 1993) Generous Scots Lass Bred by Ballymacoll Stud Farm Ltd in Ireland.
The introduction of Foreseer was an important milestone in the evolution of enterprise power monitoring systems, by allowing users to compile detailed lists of readings and events that have occurred in their power infrastructure," said Kevin Meagher, Chief Technology Officer of EDSA.
Invensys Powerware has combined its modular Intergy DC Power Mini-System, DataTrax Foreseer T-Module monitoring system with cabinet or shelter partners for a wireless power solution.