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tr.v. fore·saw (-sô′), fore·seen (-sēn′), fore·see·ing, fore·sees
To imagine or know as a probable occurrence; anticipate or predict: foresaw economic decline.

fore·see′a·ble adj.
fore·se′er n.
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In his trilogy The Book (al-kitab), he imagined Al-Mutanabbi as a foreseer who wanders through Arab history.
The castle's name allegedly arose from a legend of the Roman poet Virgil, who developed a reputation as a sorcerer and foreseer of the future.
Davis as the touchstone to the early development of school counseling (Pope, 2009); Frank Parsons as the father of career guidance (Briddick, 2009); Carl Rogers, whose person-centered approach helps counselors even today conceptualize how to be present with a client (Kirschenbaum, 1979); Thelma Daly as a mentor and role model for so many women and persons of color (Coker, 2011); and Courtland Lee as a foreseer of the growing diversity in our society (Gladding, 2011).
Richard thereby reinvents himself as the mechanic poet, recalling Sir Philip Sidney's distinction between the vates ('which is as much as a diviner, foreseer, or prophet') and the Greek poet (which 'comes of this word poiein, which is "to make"').
com GENEROUS chestnut colt, born February 8, 1988 Pedigree Northern Dancer Nijinsky Flaming Page Caerleon (b 1980) Round Table Foreseer Regal Gleam Dust Commander Master Derby Madam Jerry Doff the Derby (b 1981) Tulyar Margarethen Russ-Marie Bred by Barronstown Stud in Ireland Race record Ran 11 Won 6 2nd 1 3rd 1 Earned pounds 1,119,944 Big races won Dewhurst Stakes, Derby, Irish Derby, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes Group 1-winning progeny Catella (Aral Pokal)