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 (fôr′ĭst, fŏr′-)
1. A growth of trees and other plants covering a large area.
2. A large number of objects bearing a similarity to such a growth, especially a dense collection of tall objects: a forest of skyscrapers.
3. A defined area of land formerly set aside in England as a royal hunting ground.
tr.v. for·est·ed, for·est·ing, for·ests
To plant trees on or cover with trees.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin forestis (silva), outside (forest), from Latin forīs, outside; see dhwer- in Indo-European roots.]

for′est·al, fo·res′tial (fə-rĕs′chəl) adj.
for′es·ta′tion n.
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announced that its subsidiaries, Fulghum Fibres Chile (Fulghum), Forestal Pacifico and Forestal Los Andes, has signed a new long-term processing agreement with Astillas Exportaciones Limitada (Astex Ltda.
Critics question whether the president's close ties to ALBA Forestal, a joint Nicaraguan-Venezuelan logging company, may also be driving the decision.
an export-import company based in New Jersey, entered into a verbal contract with the Argentinean manufacturing company Forestal Guarani S.
Nicaragua will export 12,000 tons of beef to Russia, reports the Ministerio Agropecuario y Forestal (Aug.
Debido a las caracteristicas de los suelos de esta provincia, el sector forestal representa la actividad economica mas importante y la que genera mayores ingresos (7).
El complejo exportador de origen forestal en Argentina [1], constituido por productos del complejo celulósico papelero, maderero y otras exportaciones forestales, representa el 2% del total de los complejos productivos de la Argentina, significando un aporte de divisas en el año 2007, del orden de los 971,9 millones de dólares, según INDEC (2008).
The papers also discuss the role of vegetation structure, topography of the terrain, and species' preferred foraging substrate in determining the seasonality of a forestal bird community; relationships between metabolizable energy and chemical parameters from forest fruits using a parallel genetic algorithm worldwide model; and self-thinning and stand dynamics of even-aged pure stands of Sugi and Hinoki cypress.
Named for a fountain in the Parque Forestal just out front, the Fuente Alemana has many imitators--particularly fast-food chains like Lomito'n--but few equals.
FORESTAL is set to have what could be his last race on this side of the Atlantic in the IRpounds 61,250 Compaq Galway Plate tomorrow.
On Sunday, March 12, I join some 250,000 people, mostly between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, as they celebrate in Parque Forestal in Santiago's downtown.