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or foresworn
Marked by lying under oath:
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But it was plain that he avoided any reference to their common secret; and even when Fettes whispered to him that he had cast in his lot with the lions and foresworn the lambs, he only signed to him smilingly to hold his peace.
Ulysses answered, "Madam, I have foresworn rugs and blankets from the day that I left the snowy ranges of Crete to go on shipboard.
To argue otherwise is a clear transgression of the canons that dissenting clergy and congregational members have foresworn.
Having foresworn any concern for ends then licenses economists to comment, blithely, on the efficiency attributes of an allocation of land, labor, capital, and management such that some large number of people work very hard for very little, while others work hardly at all for handsome rewards.
Whereas Israel is NOT a party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), has NOT foresworn the acquisition of nuclear weapons by ratification of the NPT, and is therefore able to avoid declaration of all its nuclear activity and defy constant monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); Whereas for nearly 50 years, in clear contravention of the explicit obligations of the NPT, Israel operated a covert nuclear program until it was revealed by Mr.
For a community that has foresworn ritual, liturgy, and (to large measure) even song, this experience is new.
O Lady," he said before her, / "Against my gods you have foresworn, / With the right reason and prayer: / The child that is here of thee born / Is devoid of both limbs and life / All because of your false beliefs"].
Such boasts ironically also are evident within the testimonial tradition of evangelical religions in which the foresworn sins of the convert are recreated in language that is often both lurid and graphic.
Science, by its self-denying modesty of ambition, which is also the enabler of its great and limited success, has foresworn the attempt to wider questions of meaning and purpose and confines itself to prosaic issues of process, the causal sequences by which things happen.
With nuclear weapons in escrow and unusable except in the most severe exigencies, and having already foresworn possession or use of chemical and biological weapons, the United States would have only conventional weapons with which to respond to such attacks.
By choice, rather than circumstance, it has foresworn the right to reorder international affairs to meet its own short-term interests.
I believe the only way that ambiguity can be removed is if there is a definitive ceasefire and violence is foresworn for good by the Republican movement as a whole.