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tr.v. fore·told (-tōld′), fore·tell·ing, fore·tells
To tell of or indicate beforehand; predict.

fore·tell′er n.
Synonyms: foretell, augur, divine, prophesy
These verbs mean to tell about something beforehand by or as if by supernatural means: foretelling the future; augured a scandal; divined the enemy's victory; prophesying a stock-market boom. See Also Synonyms at predict.
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A person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means:
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The partnership will see Stena RoRo chartering the roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) vessel STENA FORETELLER to Mann Lines.
Someone has to become the foreteller of the future, and they start leading people toward it.
The son of young sire Snitzel defied odds of 20-1 when breaking his maiden in the Group 1 event, beating top-class runners as Foreteller, Fiorente, It's A Dundeel and Seville in the process.
From aggressive combatant and foreteller of death, to tranquil garden friend and eloquent songster, it's easy to see why the bird that adorns Christmas cards holds such fascination.
The source added that a man put his 5 years old nephew in a bag and threw him in the river to end his (the man's) bad luck caused by the child and prevented him from getting married, as a foreteller witch told him to do.
Did he have advance knowledge, was it a pie-in-the-sky, never-donna-happen wild guess, or is he a wise foreteller of the future?
HE'S the grand-daddy of media art, the visionary foreteller of the MTV and YouTube generation.
I say your being" (253)--to Anchises, but to some confluence of her poet and herself: "It was all the words of the poet, the words of the maker, the foreteller, the truth teller: nothing more, nothing less.