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 (fôr-ĕv′ər-môr′, fər-)


(fɔrˌɛv ərˈmɔr, -ˈmoʊr, fər-)

forever hereafter.
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Adv.1.forevermore - at any future time; in the future; "lead a blameless life evermore"
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I must have that girl, dad, or this town is a blackjack swamp forevermore.
She said in the start that she had "put shoes on one bar'footed nigger to tromple on her with," and that one mistake like that was enough; she would be independent of the human race thenceforth forevermore if hard work and economy could accomplish it.
Craven found out about the open door he would be fearfully angry and get a new key and lock it up forevermore.
Day after day and night after night we have wandered among the crumbling wonders of Rome; day after day and night after night we have fed upon the dust and decay of five-and-twenty centuries--have brooded over them by day and dreampt of them by night till sometimes we seemed moldering away ourselves, and growing defaced and cornerless, and liable at any moment to fall a prey to some antiquary and be patched in the legs, and "restored" with an unseemly nose, and labeled wrong and dated wrong, and set up in the Vatican for poets to drivel about and vandals to scribble their names on forever and forevermore.
And then, when I was leaning over the bridge, it just slipped through my fingers--so--and went down--down--down, all purplysparkling, and sank forevermore beneath the Lake of Shining Waters.
Agbiagtayo amin," (We will remain as one family, then, now, and forevermore.
We have all lost someone very special but one thing is sure, we all have treasured memories which are ours forevermore.
In a similar vein, this 'Farewell to Saturn' will forevermore serve as a reminder of the dramatic conclusion to that wondrous time humankind spent in intimate study of our Sun's most iconic planetary system," Carolyn Porco, former Voyager imaging team member and Cassini's imaging team leader at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, said in (https://www.
Forevermore, every Champagne toast should begin and end with Georgia on your mind.
7 is whether or not we want to create tens of thousands of good paying jobs and launch our state into an economic recovery, and put us on a pathway to prosperity, that will be remembered forevermore.
And you will have Mrs Fulton's death on your conscience forevermore.
In this issue and forevermore, I hope to serve as an example to you.