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tr.v. for·feit·ed, for·feit·ing, for·feits
1. To lose or give up (something) on account of an offense, error, or failure to fulfill an agreement: The other team did not show up in time and so forfeited the game.
2. To subject to seizure as a forfeit.
1. Something that is lost or given up on account of an offense, error, or failure to fulfill an agreement.
2. The act of forfeiting: The team lost the game by forfeit.
a. In parlor games, an item placed in escrow and redeemed by paying a fine or performing an appointed task.
b. forfeits A game in which forfeits are demanded.
Lost or subject to loss through forfeiture.

[Middle English forfet, crime, penalty, from Old French forfait, past participle of forfaire, to commit a crime, act outside the law : fors-, beyond; see foreclose + faire, to do; see feasible.]

for′feit·a·ble adj.
for′feit·er n.
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Adj.1.forfeited - surrendered as a penalty
lost - not gained or won; "a lost battle"; "a lost prize"
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The part of duty I am now upon, though necessary, is very disagreeable to my natural make and temper, as I know it must be grievous to you, who are of the same species; but it is not my business to animadvert but to obey such orders as I receive, and therefore, without hesitation, shall deliver you his Majesty's orders and instructions, namely- that your lands and tenements, cattle of all kinds and live stock of all sorts, are forfeited to the Crown; with all other your effects, saving your money and household goods, and you yourselves to be removed from this his Province.
The bird complained to the dog of this bare-faced robbery, but nothing he said was of any avail, for the dog answered that he found false credentials on the sausage, and that was the reason his life had been forfeited.
My chief, let me tell you, sir, is forfeited, like every honest man in Scotland.
At that period (so soon after the forty-five) there were many exiled gentlemen coming back at the peril of their lives, either to see their friends or to collect a little money; and as for the Highland chiefs that had been forfeited, it was a common matter of talk how their tenants would stint themselves to send them money, and their clansmen outface the soldiery to get it in, and run the gauntlet of our great navy to carry it across.
He paid her only the compliment of attention; and she felt a respect for him on the occasion, which the others had reasonably forfeited by their shameless want of taste.
Meanwhile I should be subjected to no discomfort that was not necessary to preclude escape, and, unless I forfeited the privilege by misconduct, I should be occasionally permitted to see my brother who had preceded me to my prison.
Can it be that by eating he would have forfeited the position he claimed as one of the Twelve Gods?
Recall that Nwude was arraigned alongside two Senior lawyers -Emmanuel Ilechukwu and Roland Kalu for forging legal documents for a property forfeited to victims of a crime through judgment.
If canceled within seven days, the penalty would be an additional 10 percent of the contracted sum on top of the forfeited down payment.
ISLAMABAD -- The guarantee of 41 candidates including Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and Jamat-e-Islami has been forfeited in NA -120.
If the exemption is forfeited due to a failure to timely make the required investment or to timely achieve the minimum required employment level, then the exemption provided under this subdivision is forfeited on all purchases.
The service of SI Pervez Iqbal, ASI Mohammad Rafique, ASI Yaqub, ASI Iftikhar Hussain, ASI Babar Hussain, ASI Zulifqar Ahmed, ASI was also forfeited for 6 months.