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 (fər-gĭv′ĭng, fôr-)
1. Inclined or able to forgive.
2. Providing a margin for error or shortcomings.

for·giv′ing·ly adv.
for·giv′ing·ness n.
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Noun1.forgivingness - tendency to be kind and forgiving
mercifulness, mercy - a disposition to be kind and forgiving; "in those days a wife had to depend on the mercifulness of her husband"
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The tenth edition of the annual summer festival includes, inter alia, lectures, symposia, training workshops and cinema soirees; all aim to promote the sense of community, tolerance and forgivingness," he added.
Haji Ashraf termed the truce between both families a good omen for the area and said our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had also stressed on forgivingness and putting aside differences for a peaceful society.
Responses to interpersonal transgressions in families: Forgivingness, forgivability, and relationship-specific effects.
Forgiveness, health, and well-being: a review of evidence for emotional versus decisional forgiveness, dispositional forgivingness, and reduced unforgiveness.
Numerous studies link trait forgivingness to lower levels of depression, anxiety, and hostility.
Furthermore, forgiveness, and trait forgivingness in particular, have been shown to be correlated with more positive health and well-being outcomes (for a review see Worthington, Witvliet, Pietrini, & Miller, 2007).
Nonetheless, that a theory has to appeal to the forgivingness of interpreters to explain away countervailing linguistic data should be regarded as a cost to the theory, if not a decisive one.
In the research, community's expectations from an individual were measured by Likert spectra according to 17 traits or characteristics, such as being outspokenness, kindness, forgivingness, having dignity.
Accordingly, when scholars have examined personal bankruptcy a fresh start has been one of the key interests as the level of forgivingness is extremely high and only available at the personal bankruptcy level (Ayotte 2007).
There is plenty of room in Murphy's conception of the virtuous person for the idea that forgivingness is a virtue and, conversely, that vindictiveness is a vice, but there is also a recognition that forgivingness can cross over into a lack of self-respect, and that anger and even hatred of another will sometimes display strength and healthy self-respect, not the vicious aspect of vindictiveness.
It is action, a way of being in the world that manifests the divine: To live out agape if to protect, trust, hope, and persevere with the other in patience, kindness, selflessness, humility, equanimity, forgivingness.
Peacefulness, more than simply an absence of contentiousness and constant ill-feeling, involves the presence of an attitude and action of cooperation, caring, kindness, forgivingness, gentleness, honesty, and agreeableness.