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n. Baseball
A pitch thrown with the ball placed between the index and middle fingers so that the ball takes a sharp dip near home plate.


(Baseball) a method of pitching in baseball



a baseball pitch thrown with the ball inserted between the index and middle fingers, causing it to dip sharply near home plate.
[1920–25, Amer.]
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Armed with his dazzling forkball, Paepke had the Clippers waving ineffectually at his offerings.
Plummer says that these days, he doesn't rely on much special in his delivery, mostly throwing a fastball, curve and forkball that he uses as a change-up.
He just split his fingers a little bit more and threw more of a true split-finger or forkball," Farrell said, "and that's the pitch that really emerged to be his strikeout pitch.
All three were instrumental in landing Kuroda, whose six-pitch repertoire includes a fastball, forkball, twodifferent sliders, something called a shuto ball that bears in on right-handed hitters and an effective but rarely used curve.
Mark Kroon pitched a perfect ninth for his 10th save and matched his own record for the fastest pitch in Japanese baseball with a 161-kilometer fastball against Kazuhiro Kiyohara, who struck out on a forkball to end the game.
Pitching for the V Corps Guardians baseball team in Europe, he developed a forkball and a goal of returning to the majors by 1965.
Wells can hit 97 miles per hour with his fastball and also throws a curveball, slider, and a forkball.
And that forkball of his is a hell of a lot harder on his arm than the spitter is on yours.
Known only by the eponymous sobriquet on the back of his uniform, the masked closer for the Hanshin Tigers has racked up 15 saves without a loss, and is so confident on the mound he trades rude gestures with batters and even shows his archenemy the forkball he's about to strike him out with.
Source: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Type of Pitch Minimum Age to Learn Pitch Fastball 8 [+ or -] 2 Change-up 10 [+ or -] 3 Curveball 14 [+ or -] 2 Knuckleball 15 [+ or -] 3 Slider 16 [+ or -] 2 Forkball 16 [+ or -] 2 Screwball 17 [+ or -] 2 Source: Phys.
Sutter's righthanded forkball lived up to the cliche: It dropped off the table.
This real-time three-dimensional rendering of actual pitches graphically illustrates the difference between a slider, curveball, forkball or fastball -- enhancing the broadcast for commentators and viewers alike.