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formicary, formicarium

the dwelling of a colony of ants, as an anthill or nest.
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Myrmarachne formicaria (DeGeer) is a Palearctic species that was recorded in Ohio alone among the Great Lakes states.
The new word describes thysanoures, insects of the order Thysanura, some of which, like Atelura formicaria, live in anthills and steal the food collected by the ants, while others, like the silver-fish (lepisma domestica, lepisme in French) use books for corporal rather than spiritual food.
formicaria to use alternative carbohydrate sources in such situations, we labeled in September 1993, as an additional treatment, leaflets located distal to crescent galls (as in treatment 5), but the blade of the galled leaflet itself was removed so that distal leaflets were the only labeled sources.
formicaria compete for galling sites was examined as in Burstein and Wool (1993) and Inbar and Wool (1994).
A population of Myrmarachne formicaria has been discovered in northeastern Ohio.
irrorata) Thiodina sylvana (Hentz) Southeastern X X Tutelina elegans (Hentz) Eastern X X Tutelina formicaria (Emerton) Northeastern X (Icius formicarius) Tutelina hartii (Emerton) (Icius Northeastern X X hartii) Tutelina similis (Banks) Northeastern X X Zygoballus nervosus (Peckhams) Eastern X X Zygoballus rufipes Peckhams Eastern X X (Z.