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n. pl. for·mu·las or for·mu·lae (-lē′)
a. An established form of words or symbols for use in a ceremony or procedure.
b. An utterance of conventional notions or beliefs; a hackneyed expression.
2. A method of doing or treating something that relies on an established, uncontroversial model or approach: a new situation comedy that simply uses an old formula.
3. Chemistry
a. A symbolic representation of the composition or of the composition and structure of a compound.
b. The compound so represented.
a. A prescription of ingredients in fixed proportion; a recipe.
b. A liquid food for infants, containing most of the nutrients in human milk.
5. Mathematics A statement, especially an equation, of a fact, rule, principle, or other logical relation.
6. Formula Sports A set of specifications, including engine displacement, fuel capacity, and weight, that determine a class of racing car.

[Latin fōrmula, diminutive of fōrma, form.]

for′mu·la′ic (-lā′ĭk) adj.
for′mu·la′i·cal·ly adv.


by a formulaic process
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This leads--almost formulaically at times--to an oppressive negation of human existence.
Future episodes grasp desperately at plot lines so stock they haven't been seriously used since the `60s or so, and play out so synthetically and formulaically they seem to come from another planet.
According to Nimura, Okochi's influential analysis is just plain wrong in formulaically decreeing that Japan's traditional workforce possessed a particular and unchanging character and that this quality prevented the emergence of a progressive Japanese labour movement once industrialization began in the mid-19th century.
Readers will be hard-pressed to find a work of Southern literary criticism that applies theoretical insights less formulaically or reverently than Dirt and Desire.
The profiles featured in The Serial Killers also formulaically begin with a printed disclaimer about the programs' disturbing content, minus the narrator.
A self-proclaimed petrarchista, Stampa must struggle to master a collective literary language which is not of her own making but set formulaically and canonized in Pietro Bembo's teachings and practiced in her cultural environment.
As it must, judicial authority finds process and reason as its supporting pillars, but reason alone applied formulaically and without regard to context can wring results that even the most carefully reasoning decisionmaker finds unacceptable.
Does it pressure Criminal Court professionals to approach arraignment practice formulaically, resulting in decreased individualized justice?
And finally, in the 'outer' level of the triad narrative, Robert Walden is isolated at sea, apart from his sister, who is left formulaically at home.
They also reveal that the Gautamas, too, knew a liturgy for the installation of the post, and that it must have been formulaically very similar to that of the Vaisvamitras.
The judge in Native Son hands out his verdict in the coldest possible way as his final remarks formulaically elicit Bigger's final statements before he declares that "Number 666-983" will receive the death penalty "in a manner prescribed by the laws of this state" (417).