forty winks

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forty winks

pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Informal
A short nap.

forty winks

(functioning as singular or plural) informal a short light sleep; nap

for′ty winks′

a short nap.
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Noun1.forty winks - sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)forty winks - sleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)
sleeping - the suspension of consciousness and decrease in metabolic rate
siesta - a nap in the early afternoon (especially in hot countries)
zizz - a nap; "Arthur's taking a short zizz"
غَفْوَه، إغفاءَهنَوم قَصير، غَفْوَه
lille lurlur
szundítás: ebéd utáni szundítás
dúr, hænublundurfjörutíuhænublundur


(ˈfoːti) noun
1. the number or figure 40.
2. the age of 40.
1. 40 in number.
2. aged 40.
ˈforties noun plural
1. the period of time between one's fortieth and fiftieth birthdays.
2. the range of temperatures between forty and fifty degrees.
3. the period of time between the fortieth and fiftieth years of a century.
ˈfortieth noun
1. one of forty equal parts.
2. (also adjective) the last of forty (people, things etc); the next after the thirty-ninth.
having forty (of something). a forty-page index.
ˈforty-year-old noun, adjective
(a person or animal) that is forty years old.
forty winks
a short sleep. He always has forty winks after dinner.

forty (not fourty).


(wiŋk) verb
1. to shut and open an eye quickly in friendly greeting, or to show that something is a secret etc. He winks at all the girls who pass; Her father winked at her and said: `Don't tell your mother about the present I bought her.'
2. (of eg lights) to flicker and twinkle.
an act of winking. `Don't tell anyone I'm here', he said with a wink.
forty winks
a short sleep; a nap. Father often has forty winks in his armchair after lunch.
References in classic literature ?
Well, forty winks will do you no harm," the Master said, and left me.
I thought you were with mother, so I took forty winks after I got those girls off.
More than one in 20 admitted having forty winks in a meeting and more than one in three relied on coffee to keep going.
Baltic, Gateshead Sofia's exhibition 'turning forty winks into a decade' is at Baltic until April 22.
Sofia knew she was going to have to produce something on a bigger scale than previously and she came up with an epic picture in two parts called Turning Forty Winks Into Decades.
7 INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1978) HAVING forty winks can prove fatal in this sci-fi horror favourite about aliens who take over people's bodies when they fall asleep.
PUPILS at a Sparkbrook academy are this week's Charity Champions after they took forty winks at school to raise over PS500 towards Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity's Eye Believe Appeal.
The band produced the record with Bjorn Ytlling from Swedish indie group Peter, Bjorn and John and Bobby admitted their way of working meant some days they made music - and others he would grab forty winks in the studio.
He claims it is profiteering plain and simple, adding it is bad enough that motorists pay over the odds to buy a coffee or snack at a service station without the worry of paying vast charges for taking forty winks.
Do you prefer to catch forty winks at a stopover between flights, so you can sleep the jetlag away and board the next plane refreshed?
This would only mean that after solving a math puzzle, you'll be thrown a few more just to make sure you skip that next forty winks.
Pretty patterns are fine, but the fabric of your sheets can affect your body temperature -- and your forty winks.