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Adj.1.forty-seven - being seven more than fortyforty-seven - being seven more than forty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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A weight of four thousand pounds is represented by a displacement of the air amounting to forty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-seven cubic feet; or, in other words, forty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-seven cubic feet of air weigh about four thousand pounds.
Oh yes, I do: I've met a hundred and forty-seven of him.
That the twenty thousand pounds (from which the income was supposed to be derived) had every farthing of it been sold out of the Funds, at different periods, ending with the end of the year eighteen hundred and forty-seven.
Strickland at this time must have been nearly forty-seven.
You know forty-seven songs,' said the man, with a gravity which admitted of no altercation on the subject.
I listened respectfully, smiling at this young thing for carrying it so motherly to me, and in the end I had to remind her that I was forty-seven years of age.
I set forty-seven prisoners loose out of those awful rat-holes, and left only one in captivity.
The first day, the blood liquefies in forty-seven minutes--the church is crammed, then, and time must be allowed the collectors to get around: after that it liquefies a little quicker and a little quicker, every day, as the houses grow smaller, till on the eighth day, with only a few dozens present to see the miracle, it liquefies in four minutes.
She was forty-seven, I'm tellun' ye, an' she hod a child ot forty-seven.
I leave to my intendant Mousqueton all of my clothes, of city, war, or chase, to the number of forty-seven suits, in the assurance that he will wear them till they are worn out, for the love of and in remembrance of his master.
The Mediterranean Fleet will be forty-seven hours before it comes together," was the message he heard.
Look at me now and dare to tell me that I look forty-seven.