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a. At, near, or belonging to the front or forepart; fore: the forward section of the aircraft.
b. Located ahead or in advance: kept her eye on the forward horizon.
a. Going, tending, or moving toward a position in front: a forward plunge down a flight of stairs.
b. Sports Advancing toward an opponent's goal.
c. Moving in a prescribed direction or order for normal use: forward rolling of the cassette tape.
a. Ardently inclined; eager.
b. Lacking restraint or modesty; presumptuous or bold: a forward child.
a. Being ahead of current economic, political, or technological trends; progressive: a forward concept.
b. Deviating radically from convention or tradition; extreme.
5. Exceptionally advanced; precocious.
6. Of, relating to, or done in preparation for the future: a rise in the forward price of corn.
adv. or for·wards (-wərdz)
1. Toward or tending to the front; frontward: step forward.
2. Into consideration: put forward a new proposal.
3. In or toward the future: looking forward to seeing you.
a. In the prescribed direction or sequence for normal use: rolled the tape forward.
b. In an advanced position or a configuration registering a future time: set the clock forward.
c. At or to a different time; earlier or later: moved the appointment forward, from Friday to Thursday. See Usage Note at backward.
n. Sports
1. A player in certain games, such as basketball, soccer, or hockey, who is part of the forward line of the offense.
2. The position played by such a person.
tr.v. for·ward·ed, for·ward·ing, for·wards
1. To send on to a subsequent destination or address. See Synonyms at send1.
2. To help advance; promote. See Synonyms at advance.

[Middle English, from Old English foreweard : fore-, fore- + -weard, -ward.]

for′ward·ly adv.
for′ward·ness n.
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12 shows half sections of the forwardly extruded workpieces in containers with top layers characterized by triangular profiles.
He's trained forwardly since, he's had only one start since he won the Breeders' Cup when he won at Keeneland in preparation for this.
Head brown, vertex white; antenna dark brown, serrate; labial palpus blackish brown, long and stretch forwardly.
Leveraging the relationship built through RAF, Intelligence professionals should conduct physical and virtual exchanges with forwardly deployed analysts and operators.
The side sunshields drape down forwardly from the side of the bill, providing maximum protection for the side of the face and cheeks, and there is also a wide-angle option for greater peripheral visibility.
While providing for future acquisition of areas at its election, Redcliffe is forwardly securing option deals to conduct exploration on those regions for a small yearly fee.
Multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods are pointed to be helpful in reaching important decisions that cannot be determined straight forwardly.
In humans, the structures marking the articulation of the spine with the skull are more forwardly located than in apes, where the base is shorter from front to back and the openings on each side for passage of blood vessels and nerves are more widely separated.