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1. A lightweight twill or plain-woven fabric of silk or silk and cotton, usually having a small printed design.
2. An article of clothing, especially a necktie or scarf, made of this fabric.



(fuːˈlɑːd; ˈfuːlɑː)
1. (Textiles) a soft light fabric of plain-weave or twill-weave silk or rayon, usually with a printed design
2. (Textiles) something made of this fabric, esp a scarf or handkerchief
[C19: from French, of unknown origin]


(fuˈlɑrd, fə-)

1. a soft lightweight silk, rayon, or cotton fabric of twill or plain weave with a printed design.
2. an article of clothing made of foulard.
[1820–30; < French, of uncertain orig.]


A scarf or necktie made of lightweight, usually printed, silk or rayon.
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Noun1.foulard - a light plain-weave or twill-weave silk or silklike fabric (usually with a printed design)
cloth, fabric, textile, material - artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers; "the fabric in the curtains was light and semitransparent"; "woven cloth originated in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC"; "she measured off enough material for a dress"
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The Empress and the little Grand Duchess wore simple suits of foulard (or foulard silk, I don't know which is proper,) with a small blue spot in it; the dresses were trimmed with blue; both ladies wore broad blue sashes about their waists; linen collars and clerical ties of muslin; low-crowned straw-hats trimmed with blue velvet; parasols and flesh- colored gloves The Grand Duchess had no heels on her shoes.
She wore a blue foulard with large white spots, and Philip was tickled at the sensation it caused.
But when he saw the girl in the white foulard smile at him from the paling he forgot etiquette and everything else.
I do wish you would have that grey satin foulard of yours done up.
Nous avons rencontre des jeunes, des moins jeunes, des barbus et non barbus, des personnes en foulard.
The controversy, well over a decade in the making, is known as l'affaire du voile (the veil issue) or l'affaire du foulard (the scarf issue).
Stehr says its new high-speed foulard for chemical bonding lines, which will be presented at ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy, features higher productivity.
At Target, Nate Berkus' Ascot Star dessert plates and trays feature a classic foulard pattern in smart black and white that would work for get-togethers straight into New Year's Eve.
Le discours devient encore plus cinglant lorsqu'il est question de la presence, pour ne pas dire l'omnipresence, selon certains repondants, des femmes portant le foulard dans les services de garde et dans les ecoles comme nous le verrons plus loin.
What became known as l'affaire du foulard (the headscarf affair) began in October 1989, when the principal of Gabriel-Havez College, a Muslim-majority middle school in the Parisian suburb of Creil, suspended three Muslim schoolgirls of North African descent for wearing headscarves.
Available in Fuchsia Foulard (F8W476) and Cobalt Brocade (F8W474).
Parmi leurs participants, les filles americaines d'origine somalienne rapportent devoir choisir de porter ou non le foulard islamique, au risque de subir l'exclusion soit de leur societe d'accueil, soit de leur propre communaute culturelle.