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found 1

tr.v. found·ed, found·ing, founds
1. To establish or set up, especially with provision for continuing existence: The college was founded in 1872. See Synonyms at establish.
2. To establish the foundation or basis of; base: found a theory on firm evidence.

[Middle English founden, from Old French fonder, from Latin fundāre, from fundus, bottom.]

found 2

tr.v. found·ed, found·ing, founds
1. To melt (metal) and pour into a mold.
2. To make (objects) by pouring molten material into a mold.

[Middle English founden, from Old French fondre, from Latin fundere; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]

found 3

Past tense and past participle of find.
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founded on based on, built on, rooted in, grounded on, established on His game is founded on power and determination.


[ˈfaʊndɪd] adj
to be founded on sth → être basé(e) sur qch
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He looked so con foundedly stupid that it was a matter of surprise for me when he answered to his name.