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Summary: Authority says four-cycle billing system is to cover different area to adjust gap between reading and payment
The problem is, Can these operations be adequately performed without detriment to the engine in one up and down stroke of the piston as in the two-stroke cycle, or is it necessary to be so conservative as to take four strokes of the piston as in the case of the four-cycle engine?
The four-cycle, in-line six-cylinder 6AYAM-ET is rated at 755 mHP and 1900 RPM and uses a fully mechanical control system for easy servicing and reliable performance.
You can also use it in your portable generator or four-cycle small engine to buy you enough time to finish the job.
Liquid Combustion Technology is a US managed and operated company that manufactures air-cooled four-cycle gasoline engines for related outdoor power equipment markets.
The Honda four-cycle engine has a heavy-duty clutch mounted on a rugged steel frame with a flexible throttle and kill switch.
The most common World Health Organization grade 3/4 toxicity during chemotherapy was leukopenia, with an incidence of 22% with four-cycle therapy and 15% with two-cycle therapy.
The Nova Model 7465 Engine Exhaust Analyzer is designed for checking O2, CO, CO2, hydrocarbons (HC's) and NOx in engine exhaust emissions for gasoline, propane or natural gas powered two and four-cycle engines.
has introduced a new model to its Lift Jockey machine line, along with three new models of four-cycle Stomper rammers.
A friend had just purchased a 15-hp, four-cycle Evans oilfield engine.
The BXR-100H is powered by a four horsepower, four-cycle Honda gasoline engine with recoil start.
Also, 80 percent of snowmobile riders next season would be led by a guide and use reportedly quieter and less polluting four-cycle engines.