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Adj.1.four-party - involving four parties
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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Erhurman admitted that the four-party coalition would face challenges in solving outstanding problems but expressed his belief that it would be possible to overcome these problems as the working relationship established by the four parties was proof of this.
Besides Notezai, PML-N ministers Sarfaraz Bugti and Mir Sarfraz Chakar Domki have also resigned from their posts, making things deeply troublesome for the four-party coalition government in the province.
A four-party conference was chaired by Chaudhry Shujaat in Lahore during which he asserted that the premier would tender his resignation before JIT begins its probe.
Baghdad / NINA /-- Iraqi Forces Coalition confirmed reservations toward the four-party alliance, which includes, Russia , Iran, Syria and Iraq.
TAP) - The ruling four-party coalition decided to form two commissions of support to governmental and parliamentary action, knowing that it has already started discussion of a working document of support to the government, said President of the Free Patriotic Union bloc at the parliament Mohsen Hassan.
Ukip's results are being viewed as heralding in a new era of four-party politics in Westminster and a jubilant Mr Farage declared the "Ukip fox is in the Westminster hen house".
KABUL (PAN): The creation of a new four-party coalition -- called the National Trust Front -- was announced on Tuesday, a move aimed at resolving Afghanistan's problems and ensuring transparency in the 2014 elections.
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt&'s four-party "Alliance" government was supported.
The leaders later had a four-party meeting at the Cankaya Presidential Palace.
Hyderabad, Mar 31 (ANI): The seat-sharing arrangement between the four-party Grand Alliance led by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is still inconclusive.
China has expressed anxiety over the recently wrapped up inter-Korean summit, with regard to the three or four-party summit in bids to create a peace treaty instead of the current armistice.
The four-party alliance led by Zia called the strike after making allegations ruling party activists blocked her Sunday trip to the country's south with bombs and bullets.