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Adj.1.four-pronged - having four prongs
divided - separated into parts or pieces; "opinions are divided"
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Aussies skipper Steve Smith, expected to have a four-pronged pace attack to greet England at the Gabba in November, did not rule out going into next week's decisive second Test with only one quick bowler - Pat Cummins - and three spinners in Nathan Lyon, Ashton Agar and Steve O'Keefe.
The initiative centred on keeping the company's team of meter readers safe using a detailed, four-pronged safety approach.
He also urged the two sides to promote the newly-established four-pronged dialogue mechanism in such areas as diplomacy and security, economy, law enforcement and cyber security, as well as social and people-to-people exchanges, an important result of his latest meeting with Trump, and to conduct pragmatic cooperation in a trove of areas.
Four-pronged disruption affecting MENA insurance markets: increasing customer expectations, regulatory changes, technological advancements, and economic pressures.
Mayor William Pikolycky has announced that the Woodbine borough will apply for a $4 million federal grant for a four-pronged, two-phase upgrade to the municipality's water system,
NU relied on a four-pronged attack with Kim Malabunga and Ruben Baysac finishing with 13 points each while Madzlam Gampong and James Natividad had 12 apiece.
A YEAR after clinching the Investec Oaks for the first time with Taghrooda, John Gosden revealed a strengthening hand for next month's Classic by committing Jazzi Top to the contest as part of a possible four-pronged assault.
Scott, Posner, Martin, and Guzman present this four-pronged study in education reform, drawing on research from England, Mexico, Singapore, and Finland.
The governor said he was following a four-pronged approach to workforce education: training workers by region; setting up partners among businesses, two-year colleges and high schools; funding programs adequately; and directing state agencies to provide help where possible.
The action plan outlines a four-pronged approach: surveillance, prevention, incentives and oversight, and research.
AUSTRALIA spearheads Aidan O'Brien's four-pronged assault on Saturday's Investec Derby at Epsom as he remained one of 17 horses in contention following the confirmation stage.
The four-pronged strategy called "Tiger" was drawn up by Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Quds Force Commander Gen Qasem Soleimani, a Shi'ite party leader told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.