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or four′-wheeled′,

having four wheels.
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Adj.1.four-wheel - of or relating to vehicles with four wheels; "a four-wheel drive"
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Very nice four-wheel chaise, sir--seat for two behind--one in front for the gentleman that drives--oh
In the morning I took a four-wheel cab and drove straight to Harley Street; and, upon my soul, as I stood on the specialist's door-step, I could have sworn I saw the occupant of the room next mine dash by me in a hansom!
Da Souza lifted him up and conveyed him carefully to a four-wheel cab.
Tulliver, who hastened out to receive sister Pullet; it must be sister Pullet, because the sound was that of a four-wheel.
A light four-wheel chaise came out with a man driving, and a woman sitting by his side.
Four wheel drive car, a four-wheel drive vehicle for the transport of goods and people
The model features a slightly revised front and rear fascia, a new adjustable wing that improves downforce by more than 130 percent while improving efficiency by up to 400 percent, a new four-wheel steering system for improved agility and stability and recalibrated suspension.
Smaller cars with four-wheel drive at one point were relatively few and far between but Suzuki has always been at the forefront of producing them.
SThey're most profligate in alpine mountainous regions, chiefly because a lot of Suzukis offer four-wheel drive capability.
Perhaps the best way of looking at it is to think of a crossover as a car that looks somewhat like an SUV, boasts a higher driving position than a conventional car but is smaller and lacks the four-wheel drive capability traditionally associated with an SUV.
THE Tesla Model S is arguably the most practical electric car on sale today, but now its American manufacturer has added four-wheel drive and more power to make the P85 D - a Model S that has gained extra capability without really sacrificing anything.
The nine models with zero deaths were: Audi A4 four-wheel drive, a midsized luxury car; Honda Odyssey, a minivan; Kia Sorento two-wheel drive, a mid-sized SUV; the Lexus RX 350 four-wheel drive, a midsized luxury SUV; Mercedes-Benz GL-Class four-wheel drive, a large luxury SUV; Subaru Legacy four-wheel drive, a 4-door midsized car; Toyota Highlander hybrid, a four-wheel drive midsized SUV; Toyota Sequoia, a four-wheel drive large SUV, and Volvo XC90, a four-wheel drive luxury midsized SUV.