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or four′-wheeled′,

having four wheels.
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Adj.1.four-wheel - of or relating to vehicles with four wheels; "a four-wheel drive"
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In the morning I took a four-wheel cab and drove straight to Harley Street; and, upon my soul, as I stood on the specialist's door-step, I could have sworn I saw the occupant of the room next mine dash by me in a hansom!
Da Souza lifted him up and conveyed him carefully to a four-wheel cab.
A light four-wheel chaise came out with a man driving, and a woman sitting by his side.
Very nice four-wheel chaise, sir--seat for two behind--one in front for the gentleman that drives--oh
Tulliver, who hastened out to receive sister Pullet; it must be sister Pullet, because the sound was that of a four-wheel.
factory, 5-door, at least 5 seats, turbo diesel engine, at least 550 Nm / 250 hp, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, at least 530 kg payload, loading: at least 1000 x 1000 mm (W x D; to rear seatback), rear opening.
The Outstanding Trails program promotes getting out and challenging the four-wheel drive culture to prove they are driver enough to explore their world.
THE Tesla Model S is arguably the most practical electric car on sale today, but now its American manufacturer has added four-wheel drive and more power to make the P85 D - a Model S that has gained extra capability without really sacrificing anything.
My daughter just purchased a used 2004 Honda CR-V with four-wheel drive.
The car handled really well in two or four-wheel drive mode and there was not a huge increase in fuel consumption when you opted to put the power through all four wheels.
said Wednesday it will build a plant to produce engines in Indonesia as part of its plan to raise four-wheel vehicle production to more than 100,000 units per year in the country.
Designed to mix the practicality of the regular C4 with off-roader styling cues, the C4 Aircross is available with two and four-wheel drive versions in some markets and will be launched in the UK during the second half of 2012.