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n. pl. fo·ve·ae (-vē-ē′)
1. A small cuplike depression or pit in a bone or organ.
2. The fovea centralis.

[Latin, small pit.]

fo′ve·al (-əl), fo′ve·ate′ (-āt′) adj.
fo′ve·i·form′ (-ə-fôrm′) adj.
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Yi Qin of the University of Arizona, for his paper titled, "Design of a Multi-Resolution Foveated Laparoscope.
The fovea is the part of the eye responsible for sharp central vision (also called foveated vision).
They cover digital picture compression and coding structure, vision modeling, coding artifacts and visual distortions, video quality testing, perceptual video quality metrics, the "philosophy of picture" quality scale, structural similarity based image quality assessment, vision model based impairment metrics, computational models, the no- reference quality metric for degraded and enhanced video, HVS based perpetual video encoders, perceptual image coding, foveated image and video coding, artifact reduction by post-processing in image compression, reduction of color bleeding in DCT block-coded video, error resilience for video coding service and critical issues and challenges.
The fovea has the greatest concentration of visual receptor cells (particularly cones), and those cells have the densest connections to post-retinal layers of the visual system, so that places in the visual field that are foveated are visually perceived with greatest resolution.