fox cub

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He once found a little fox cub half drowned in its hole and he brought it home in th' bosom of his shirt to keep it warm.
If I had a raven or a fox cub I could play with it," said Mary.
The hares had already half changed their summer coats, the fox cubs were beginning to scatter, and the young wolves were bigger than dogs.
ABANDONED fox cub Jasper is bright eyed and bushy tailed thanks to mum-of-four Natalie Reynolds who is hand-rearing him at home.
Footage has been passed to them of the Grafton Hunt allow dogs to chase a fox cub.
The Vinny the Fox Cub campaign is touring the country as part of a pre-election move by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS).
A YOUNG fox cub has died after swallowing poison and fighting for its life at a Nuneaton rescue centre.
It only takes a few minutes and it could save an animal from suffering, like this poor fox cub did.
An urban fox cub emerges from its den near Tynemouth in North Tyneside
An urban fox cub emerges from its den to look for food near Tynemouth on North Tyneside
AN ABANDONED fox cub is recovering after he was found concussed at the side of a busy road.
lt;BA tame fox cub living with the Jones family, Talysarn