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Noun1.Fox hunter - a mounted hunter who follows the hounds in pursuit of a foxfox hunter - a mounted hunter who follows the hounds in pursuit of a fox
equestrian, horseback rider, horseman - a man skilled in equitation
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Three centuries had flowed past the old Manor House, centuries of births and of homecomings, of country dances and of the meetings of fox hunters.
I once listened to a fox hunter on a radio phone-in show explaining how he was aroused by watching hounds rip a living fox apart.
I am not a fox hunter, and my knowledge of fox hunting is as vast as my knowledge of ballet or basket weaving.
The new chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, Alison Barnard, is a fox hunter, with her claim to fame that she took two horses with her to university.
Mr Hardiman says he was once a fox hunter himself but turned against the sport because of the cruelty.
A FOX hunter who spat blood in a policeman's face and hit two protesters with his riding whip escaped jail yesterday.
COOL KAT: Katarino is as perfect at the last as at the rest of the fences on the way to Fox Hunter glory
Veterans aa North East, together with North Shields Poly, promote the Vets Open Cross-Country Championships on Saturday, at Fox Hunter Playing Fields, Whitley Bay.
Apparently, the female fox hunter will join family and friends at the demonstration, although her partner, Prince Charles, has warned that it is a politically sensitive subject.
The Yorkshireman sprinted home on Senator Marius Claudeies to join the favourites for tonight's prestigious Fox Hunter Championship, for which he has also qualified Senator As Good As It Gets.
A FORMER fox hunter, who gave up the blood sport because she thought it was cruel, has adopted one of the animals as a pet.