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v. frac·tion·at·ed, frac·tion·at·ing, frac·tion·ates
1. To divide or separate into parts; break up: "In the post-Watergate era, power has been fractionated on Capitol Hill" (Evan Thomas).
2. To separate (a chemical mixture) into components, as by distillation or crystallization.
1. To divide or separate into parts: "Languages have an extraordinary capacity to fractionate into mutually unintelligible dialects" (Robin Dunbar).
2. To undergo chemical separation, as by distillation or crystallization.

frac′tion·a′tion n.
frac′tion·a′tor n.


The separation of a chemical compound into components, as by distillation or crystallization.
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Noun1.fractionation - a process that uses heat to separate a substance into its components
destructive distillation - heating a solid substance in a closed container and collecting the volatile products
fractional distillation - fractionation of a liquid by distillation
industrial process - a systematic series of mechanical or chemical operations that produce or manufacture something
2.fractionation - separation into portions
division - the act or process of dividing


n. fraccionamiento, 1. administración de un curso de terapia durante un período extendido de tiempo para disminuir daño radioactivo 2. separación de una mezcla y sus componentes.
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In a recent operational update on its Utica and Marcellus projects, the natural gas processing facility and pipeline developer said it has brought seven new projects online in the past four months: five cryogenic processing plants and two fractionation facilities.
MarkWest is a natural fit for Antero to partner with in the Utica to build the first processing complex near our acreage position, given their processing and fractionation plans in the Utica and the integration with their leading position in the Marcellus.
The system is comprised of hundreds of miles of low-and high-pressure gathering pipeline, nearly 600 MMcf/d of gas processing services, natural gas liquids (NGL) transportation infrastructure, and most recently, a new world-class NGL fractionation facility.
In this report, the Plasma Fractionation Market is segmented by products, applications, end users, and region.
When heated, these did not produce abnormal fractionation.
NYSE:ETP) and Regency Energy Partners LP (NYSE:RGP), owns and operates natural gas liquids storage, fractionation, and transportation assets in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Over the last five years, the plasma fractionation market witnessed tremendous growth, primarily due to the growth in aging population, increasing number of hemophilic patients, rising use of IVIg, and high prevalence of chronic disorders across the globe.
The tie between fractionation and reject thickening was also examined in this study.
The company's fractionation facility located in Parets del Valles (Barcelona) is one of the world's most modern fractionation facilities and is approved by the FDA.
The contract was awarded by a joint venture between Petrofac and GS E&C on behalf of Gasco, which is responsible for the fractionation of natural and associated gas from onshore oil operations in Abu Dhabi, said a statement from Siemens.
Market Diversification: Exhaustive information of new products, growing regions, recent developments, and investments in the plasma fractionation market.
Lot 3 is to supply Analytical Field flow Fractionation equipment for the analysis of protein aggregates and biologically relevant therapeutic particles.