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n. pl. fra·gran·cies


(ˈfreɪ grəns)

1. the quality of being fragrant.
2. a sweet or pleasing scent.
3. something, as a perfume, having a sweet or pleasing scent.
[1660–70; < French < Late Latin]
syn: See perfume.
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Noun1.fragrancy - a pleasingly sweet olfactory property
aroma, odor, olfactory property, odour, smell, scent - any property detected by the olfactory system
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The bacteria produce methane that later exits out the cow's back end, lending a certain fragrancy to the animal's flatulence.
Two large, superbly tender lamb shanks came in a thick sauce given sweet and sour notes by pomegranate molasses, fragrancy by saffron and richness by double cream.
NAILED Beauty job CHEMISTRY Carmel Sam found her dream job in the fragrancy industry