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baby talk US someone who frightens easily or is afraid of many things


(ˈfreɪ diˌkæt)

n. Informal.
a timid, easily frightened person.
[1905–10; fraid (aph. form of afraid) + -y1]
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His mother pooh-poohs his worries, and his snarky older brother, Buster, says he's a fraidy-cat.
Tallahassee is the fully liberated id to Columbus' over-cautious fraidy-cat, a cowboy road warrior who enjoys gratuitously stomping zombie arse.
But Miss Johnson makes the Be Quiet sign and everybody knows fraidy-cat Jay-me, fraidy-cat, fraidy-cat.
With every passing exit, new fraidy-cat mergers amble up the on-ramp, meeting these other hesitant drivers and reducing the flow of the freeway to that of a river choked with dead fish.
a fraidy-cat feline--in the care of a near-senile sitter.
Sure he's shy and skittish and a little bit of a fraidy-cat, but he's also a great friend, possessing a generous spirit and enormous heart.
Grace's overprotectiveness has left kindergarten-aged Nicholas (James Bentley) a clinging fraidy-cat, while elder sis Anne (Alakina Mann) is beginning to rebel against this severe regime.
It's about time we stopped being fraidy-cats and developed new nuclear power plants.
Just to ease the troubled minds of the fraidy-cats, I relented and allowed myself to be dragged to der Kaiser's local urgent care facility, where I was treated by one Dr.
The Church sponsored the lethal Crusades (largely through bake sales and bingo games) and reduced congregations to sniveling fraidy-cats by frying people alive--it is less dramatic if they already are dead.
All I could think was have we become a nation of pussies - and by that I mean fraidy-cats - worried about legislating morality when all you need is the on/off button?
Be outrageous, ridicule the fraidy-cats, rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce.