frameshift mutation

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frame·shift mutation

A mutation in a DNA chain that occurs when the number of nucleotides inserted or deleted is not a multiple of three, so that every codon beyond the point of insertion or deletion is read incorrectly during translation.
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sup][8] However, in our patients, the mutations were all small lesions, including nonsense and frameshift mutations, which could count for 8.
The major types of mutations responsible for this are nonsense mutations or frameshift mutations (7).
PPD is caused by mutations in the WISP3 gene and most common mutations are missense (41%) and frameshift mutations (36%).
No hotspots for these mutations have been identified, but frameshift mutations and deletions have been reported on numerous occasions.
Three severe cases of EBS Dowling- Meara caused by missense and frameshift mutations in the keratin 14 gene.
All of the frameshift mutations in TGFBR2 occurred at low frequency, suggesting the presence of MSI subclones in these tumors.
FrxA contained missense alterations in 55 MTZ resistant isolates while the premature truncation of FrxA was caused by frameshift mutations in 9 MTZ resistant strains.
1986; Kronberg & Vartiainen, 1988) and in Salmonella typhimurium TA98, a bacterial strain sensitive to frameshift mutations, MX produces loss or gain of a pair of bases (DeMarini, AbuShakra, Felton, Patterson, & Shelton, 1995).
All are nonsense or frameshift mutations that truncate the profilaggrin molecule.
We identified six single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that have already been reported for FBN3 and five novel mutations including two frameshift mutations (c.
Polyalanine expansion and frameshift mutations of the paired-like homeobox gene PHOX2B in congenital central hypoventilation syndrome.
Persistence of such errors leads to frameshift mutations with loss of the normal function of these genes and the promotion of tumorigenesis.