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Any of various game birds of several genera in the family Phasianidae, especially Francolinus, found in Africa and Asia.

[French, from Italian francolino.]


(Animals) any African or Asian partridge of the genus Francolinus
[C17: from French, from Old Italian francolino, of unknown origin]


(ˈfræŋ kə lɪn)

any Eurasian or African partridge of the genus Francolinus.
[1585–95; < French < Italian francolino, of obscure orig.]
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At this he fell to with greater relish than if they had given him francolins from Milan, pheasants from Rome, veal from Sorrento, partridges from Moron, or geese from Lavajos, and turning to the doctor at supper he said to him, "Look here, senor doctor, for the future don't trouble yourself about giving me dainty things or choice dishes to eat, for it will be only taking my stomach off its hinges; it is accustomed to goat, cow, bacon, hung beef, turnips and onions; and if by any chance it is given these palace dishes, it receives them squeamishly, and sometimes with loathing.
Outside a comfortable tent, set on the banks of a river, under the shade of doum palms, listening to the lilting calls of doves and the gentle creaking of francolins, watching an al fresco table being set for lunch, anticipating the taste of a chilled white wine - what more could you want when you needed a respite from the routine of the office and the din of the city?
The francolins are a group of partridge-like birds, like that which sits atop the pear tree, with short tails and stout spurred legs--indeed one I have seen in Ghana is called the Double-spurred Francolin.
When performing radiography, some backyard poultry (such as guinea fowl [Numididae], pheasants [Phasianidae], and especially francolins [Francolinus species]) tend to be very nervous and, thus, are prone to considerable feather loss.
Partridges, Quails, Francolins, Snowcocks, Guinefowl and Turkeys.
Both male and female grey francolins breed during the first year after hatching, but pairs are established when female chooses a male (Potts, 1980), and these pairs remain together for life.
Alectoris chukar, Alectoris rufa, Alectoris, barbara, Alectoris philbyi), francolins (Francolinus francolinus), hares (Lepus europaeus), mouflons (Ovis orientalis, Ovis gmelini, Ovis musimon, Ovis ammon), raccoons (Procyon lotor), opossums (Didelphis virginiana, and Trichosurus vulpecula) and badgers (Meles meles and Memphitis memphitis).
They are attracted to pet animals such as poultry, francolins, quails, partridges, pigeons and rabbits," said Khan.
We did not see any game with exception of a few dikdik, tiny, graceful rabbit-sized antelope, some beautiful vulturine guinea fowl and yellow-necked francolins.
Ticks on crested francolins, Francolinus sephaena, and on the vegetation on a farm in Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Side-by-side with agricultural occupation, the Khumis also kept domesticated poultry, jungle fowl, and francolins (titir in Bengali, a sort of wild turkey but much less in size and of a different color than the American turkey).