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a. Of or relating to brothers: a close fraternal tie.
b. Showing comradeship; brotherly.
a. Of or constituting a fraternity: a fraternal association.
b. Roman Catholic Church Of or constituting a mendicant order such as the Dominicans or Franciscans.
3. Biology Of, relating to, or being a twin developed from two separately fertilized ova; dizygotic.

[Middle English, from Old French fraternel, from Medieval Latin frāternālis, from Latin frāternus, from frāter, brother; see bhrāter- in Indo-European roots.]

fra·ter′nal·ism n.
fra·ter′nal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.fraternally - in a brotherly manner
testvéri módon


[frəˈtɜːnəlɪ] advfraternamente


(frəˈtəːnl) adjective
of or like a brother. a fraternal greeting.
fraˈternally adverb
fraˈternityplural fraˈternities noun
1. a company of people who regard each other as equals, eg monks.
2. a company of people with the same interest, job etc. the banking fraternity.
3. (American) a society of male students in various universities.
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When I was respectably settled at home, this gentleman would not so much as look at me without a frown; and now, when I was a scamp, in prison, he mercifully and fraternally came to condole with me on my misfortunes.
I had invoked him and he had come; he hovered before me half the time; it was as if his bright ghost had returned to earth to tell me that he regarded the affair as his own no less than mine and that we should see it fraternally, cheerfully to a conclusion.
Everything is there, the cost of the pens in which to place the sow, the five hundred bundles of brushwood purchased at the port of Morsant, the three pints of wine and the bread, the last repast of the victim fraternally shared by the executioner, down to the eleven days of guard and food for the sow, at eight deniers parisis each.
To whom this honourable and jocular, member fraternally said one day, 'Jem, there's a good opening among the hard Fact fellows, and they want men.
The coach was large, the ladies not very big, they would hold their trains in their laps--finally, the four went fraternally together, and their carriage presently joined the line of royal equipages which was making its way down Piccadilly and St.
She left the choice entirely to Ralph and William, who, taking counsel fraternally over an evening paper, found themselves in agreement as to the merits of a music-hall.
The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani announced that Qatar would provide a package of loans and investments in infrastructure and reconstruction projects to Iraq worth $1bn, based on its constant concern to help the fraternally Iraqi people.
I fraternally salute all women victims of odious acts who might have felt assaulted by the letter in Le Monde.
Although poles apart, both China and Pakistan somehow coexist fraternally.
Holy Man of fertile valleys of sculpted columns of the fine-carved lute they live in your dwelling place and claim to have your wisdom they pretend to your inheritance but taste only its colored spices they kiss your tomb read your verses and agree to the offering they stand tall and speak of dignity they speak fraternally and claim to be gods.
For instance, in Cremona, a joint poster of the PSI and PSDI--successor to the PSLI--'condemn[ed] the degeneration of the people's democracy', exalted the 'Magyar revolution' and 'bid an emotional farewell to the victims of repression and the men who fell in this tragic conflict who will fraternally join the ranks of their fellow martyrs for the redemption of the working class'.
The path forward, then, is clearly dependent on our ability to carefully and rationally analyze our conditions and to work collaboratively and fraternally to resolve these existential threats to millions of people across the globe.