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 (frăz′əl) Informal
v. fraz·zled, fraz·zling, fraz·zles
1. To wear away along the edges; fray.
2. To exhaust physically or emotionally.
1. To become worn away along the edges.
2. To become exhausted physically or emotionally.
1. A frayed or tattered condition.
2. A condition of exhaustion: worked themselves to a frazzle.

[Perhaps a blend of fray and dialectal fazzle, to unravel (from Middle English facelyn, to fray, from fasel, frayed edge, probably diminutive of fas, rootlets, from Old English fæs).]


[ˈfræzld] adj (fam) (person) → logorato/a; (bacon) → bruciato/a
References in classic literature ?
More than anything else in the world, my frayed and frazzled mind wanted surcease from weariness in the way it knew surcease would come.
Frazzled nurses and exhausted post-delivery mums were left with abandoned children after dad made good his escape without them when visiting time was up.
My contribution to beating the drought is faithfully observing the hosepipe ban and watching my frazzled garden wither and die.
Wella's new Color Touch is a semi-permanent colour that lifts your look and leaves your locks stronger and shinier than ever before, with nourishing waxes for condition, shine-reflecting pigments for gloss and the unique Keratin Strengthening System to even out frazzled bits.
After waiting a few minutes for a drink, Nicola took things into her own hands anddecided to help the frazzled bar staff.
Paddy Power's reaction was to cut Frazzled from 40-1 into 25-1.
Frazzled but ultra competent, all business yet sweet and personable, Lisa is a potentially uninteresting everygal.
SCOT Kathy Butler aimed to dazzle but merely frazzled at the world cross-country titles in France.
Clearly, the lack of crisps, burgers and sweets has frazzled their brains.
Irving as the King, All in the Family's Jean Stapleton was anything but a "dingbat" as the Stepmother, frazzled but the vulgarity of her odious daughters, portrayed by Alix Korey and Jeanette Palmer.
Frazzled should deal with her heat three rivals well, but Pixie has a tough test in heat six where Bonnie Nikita, Farran Lady and Bosheen Bliss are tough opponents.