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1. Markedly unusual or abnormal; strange: freakish weather; a freakish combination of styles.
2. Relating to or being a freak: a freakish extra toe.
3. Capricious or whimsical.

freak′ish·ly adv.
freak′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.freakishness - marked strangeness as a consequence of being abnormalfreakishness - marked strangeness as a consequence of being abnormal
strangeness, unfamiliarity - unusualness as a consequence of not being well known
References in classic literature ?
Whether moved only by her ordinary freakishness, or because an evil spirit prompted her, she put up her small forefinger and touched the scarlet letter.
At tea, two or three hours earlier, they had, in the freakishness of affection, drunk from one cup.
Didn't the letter show the most engaging compound of enthusiasm and spirit and whimsicality, all tapering into a flame of girlish freakishness, which flitted, for the rest of the morning, as a will-o'-the-wisp, across Rodney's landscape.
Sometimes, the freakishness is welcome, as a man may be so enraptured by his devoted Beauty that he'll tolerate anything to be with it.
For readers, the freakishness of Sorina's crew disappears into the normal squabbling and teasing of family life among well-characterized individuals.
This paradoxical and uneasy relationship with contemporary freakishness, suggests Luu, provides context for how we might read the female speakers of Portraits as a collectively extended cultural metaphor.
Burton reveals the freakishness of American suburbia, with its backyard barbecues and Avon ladies taking on a sinister and frightening quality through Edward's eyes.
A plant disease means any physiological freakishness and disruption in the normal health of a plant.
On his return to France this freakishness handicapped him, and he found difficulty finding employment, but after some years of private study and a few small commissions, he began to command the recognition he deserved.
In other words, Cyprus would be a puppet state, with all power and sovereignty residing with Brigadier Demetris Ioannides, a brutal, paranoid dictator, known for his anti-Turkish feelings and for the creation of a modern concentration camp -- Giaros -- the Dante-style freakishness of which nobody should ignore.
From the historical whimsy of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" to the dark, moody tones of "Foxcatcher," and from the stylishness of "House of Lies to the freakishness of "American Horror Story," the 11 artists profiled here and their fellow nominees represent some of the best work seen in 2014.