free soil

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free soil

US territory in which slavery was prohibited before the Civil War.

free′ soil′

a U.S. territory in which slavery was forbidden before the Civil War.
[1840–50, Amer.]


adj. (sometimes l.c.)
1. opposing the extension of slavery into U.S. territories before the Civil War.
2. pertaining to or characteristic of the Free Soil Party.
[1840–50, Amer.]
Free′-Soil′er, n.
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The administration of Sir Edmund Andros lacked scarcely a single characteristic of tyranny: a Governor and Council, holding office from the King, and wholly independent of the country; laws made and taxes levied without concurrence of the people immediate or by their representatives; the rights of private citizens violated, and the titles of all landed property declared void; the voice of complaint stifled by restrictions on the press; and, finally, disaffection overawed by the first band of mercenary troops that ever marched on our free soil.
The intellectual experience of the people was mainly theological and political, as it was everywhere in that day, but there were several among them who had a real love for books, and when they met at the druggist's, as they did every night, to dispute of the inspiration of the Scriptures and the principles of the Free Soil party, the talk sometimes turned upon the respective merits of Dickens and Thackeray, Gibbon and Macaulay, Wordsworth and Byron.
if it comes to that, I can earn myself at least six feet of free soil,--the first and last I shall ever own in Kentucky
It was an honor to join Representatives Pallone and Gabbard, on the free soil of the independent Artsakh Republic, for this wonderful celebration of our shared commitment to the values of peace, freedom, and democracy, said ANCA Chairman Raffi Hamparian.
To improve water quality in the brook, farmers will also be offered free soil sampling, help with tree planting and grant funding for one-off schemes.
He said that directions have been given for the collection of 20,000 samples of soils till June 2017 out of which 2,000 samples had been collected so far, adding that free soil testing facility was being provided at district level.
HYDERABAD -- The management of Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) is providing facilities of free soil and water testing to growers of the country so that they could use fertilizers after assessment of their agriculture fields and get maximum production of their produces.
Four years later, Van Buren's faction would walk out altogether, forming the nucleus of the new Free Soil Party.
Free soil testing, gardening workshops, seed swap and apple juicing along with other family activities.
In 1848, he fought slavery but never joined the Free Soil Party.
The analysis revealed that free soil litter, fulvic and humic fractions constituted 16%, 53% and 31%, respectively of the SOC of the two forests.
Both rhododendrons and azaleas require a lime free soil with good organic matter content.