adj.1.burning in a continuous manner; - of an electric arc; as, heat transfer to the anode in free-burning arcs.
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The fire is not free-burning now, it is just smouldering material," Mr Howard-Jones said.
Once a fire establishes itself and is in a free-burning phase, it doubles in size every minute, he said.
When you have a fire that has gone past insipient stage to flashover or free-burning, it could make a difference," said Bentonville Fire Chief Dan White.
To start the fire, then, have on hand plenty of free-burning fuel -- dry paper and wood -- cut small.
The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization, for example, has dispatched Germans, Finns, and French to Mauritania, Nepal, and Patagonia to discourage free-burning fires.
Because of the elevated levels of carbon monoxide registering with the mine atmosphere monitoring system, MCR knew a free-burning flame existed.