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1. Given to self-indulgence.
2. Biology
a. Living independently of another organism; not part of a parasitic or symbiotic relationship.
b. Moving independently; not sessile.


1. given to ready indulgence of the appetites
2. (Biology) (of animals and plants) not parasitic; existing independently
ˌfree-ˈliver n


1. following a way of life in which one freely indulges one's appetites and desires.
a. able to obtain nourishment independently of another organism; neither parasitic nor symbiotic.
b. capable of motility; not attached.
free′ liv′er, n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - not parasitic on another organism
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
independent - free from external control and constraint; "an independent mind"; "a series of independent judgments"; "fiercely independent individualism"
References in classic literature ?
Madame Reuter looked more like a joyous, free-living old Flemish fermiere, or even a maitresse d'auberge, than a staid, grave, rigid directrice de pensionnat.
The point of this discovery was that it proved Haldin to have been familiar with that horse-owning peasant--a reckless, independent, free-living fellow not much liked by the other inhabitants of the house.
Human activities, in particular vehicle strike, were significant causes of morbidity and mortality in free-living black cockatoo populations.
The genetic diversity of cyanobacteria will be studied in cyanobacterial lichens (cyanolichens) and in free-living cyanobacteria that form biological soil crusts (BSC) in North European alvars.
The purpose of this study was to investigate if clinical measures of walking performance predict free-living physical activity in community-dwelling stroke survivors.
The Convent follows a driven career woman, a recovering alcoholic, a free-living atheist and a mother of three as they spend 40 days with the Poor Clares, an enclosed order of nuns.
The researchers recently tested a similar diet for a 1-year period in free-living subjects.
are free-living amebae that cause granulomatous amebic encephalitis (GAE), most often in immunocompromised hosts, including HIV/AIDS and organ transplant patients and those receiving immunosuppressive medication (1).
Andrew Hendry of McGill University in Montreal says that these are among the very few studies that quantify both flow of genes from immigrants and natural selection in free-living animals.
You might see what David Nimmons does: "[The gay world] looks like an experiment in a free-living spirituality," he says.
And, contradictorally but not inappropriately for her time and culture, a harbinger of free-living modern womanhood.
Today BodyMedia ships many thousands of products every month into 21 countries around the world, and has already collected more than a billion minutes of automatically monitored human physiologic and behavior data in its servers from people in their natural environments over years of their lives - the first large scale continuously-recorded free-living body monitoring database of its kind in the world.