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1. The distance from the water line to the gunwales of an open boat or to the main deck of a decked vessel.
2. The distance between normal water level and the top of a structure or mass that rises out of the water, such as a buoy, dam, or ice floe.

[Probably ultimately partial translation of Anglo-Norman franc bord, land claimed outside the fence of a park or forest : franc, free + bord, bort, border; see border.]


(Nautical Terms) the space or distance between the deck of a vessel and the waterline


(ˈfriˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

1. (on a cargo vessel) the distance between the uppermost deck considered fully watertight and the official load line.
2. the height of the watertight portion of a building or other construction above a given level of water.


[ˈfriːbɔːd] n (Naut) → bordo libero
References in classic literature ?
But Jerry was to know Harley Kennan, and quickly, for it was Harley Kennan, a bowline around his body under his arm-pits, lowered by a couple of seamen down the generous freeboard of the Ariel, who gathered in by the nape of the neck the smooth-coated Irish terrier that, treading water perpendicularly, had no eyes for him so eagerly did he gaze at the line of faces along the rail in quest of the one face.
Our dweet and freeboard platforms were specifically designed to make it easy to get started and see results quickly.
The interior layout includes a raised bow casting deck that gives you enough height to throw a cast net but still has plenty of freeboard.
Its Pond level and freeboard below the gates also required to be increased.
The perhaps surprisingly fine sailing abilities of the DS54 are due in no small part to excellent form stability of its Judel-Vrolijk designed hull, which presents a high freeboard and substantial bulwarks above deck.
The mainline Mississippi River levee is designed to withstand a 500-year flood event plus seven vertical feet of freeboard.
After removing the existing coating, general contractor and coatings applicator General Dynamics NASSCO-Earl Industries applied a two-coat epoxy-polysiloxane paint system consisting of Amercoat 235 primer and PSX 700SG coating to the freeboard and island surfaces of the vessel.
In addition, IceBridge's instruments collected data on sea ice freeboard -- the height of ice above the ocean surface -- which can be used to calculate sea ice thickness and volume.
The completed works - costing over PS750,000 and providing long-term safety from potential serious flooding to the community and residents of Meltham Mills - will include lowering the top water level and increasing the freeboard by increasing the southern weir from eight metres long to 24 metres long; providing a 30 metres by 11 metres approach channel to accommodate the new weir with a 750mm deep silt collection trap at the point of entry of Greave Dyke to aid water flow and a 52 metres long tapered slipway with a secondary weir lined with stone gabions down its length to control the discharge water flow.
If they approve it, do they require additional freeboard (elevation of living space an additional increment above the minimum required by floodplain ordinances) on structures in this development?
The topics include the effect of decreasing free surface on stability, moments of statical stability, timber ship freeboard marks, effects of change of density on a ship's draft and trim, and draft surveys.
A study in 2011 (21) identified that the average speed of the ships seized in the Indian Ocean was 13 knots, while the average freeboard was only 4.