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intr.v. free·boot·ed, free·boot·ing, free·boots
To act as a freebooter; plunder.

[Back-formation from freebooter.]


1. (Historical Terms) history the practice of living from plunder or piracy
2. informal the practice of seeking pleasure, wealth, etc, without responsibility
3. (Historical Terms) history of or relating to plunder or piracy
4. informal of or relating to the seeking of pleasure, wealth, etc, without responsibility
References in classic literature ?
Now, gentlemen, in square-sail brigs and three-masted ships, well-nigh as large and stout as any that ever sailed out of your old Callao to far manilla; this lakeman, in the land-locked heart of our America, had yet been nurtured by all those agrarian freebooting impressions popularly connected with the open ocean.
So large a cavalcade could not pass through the Crow country without attracting the attention of its freebooting hordes.
Hunt and his companions were more and more sensible how much it would be in the power of this sullen and daring vagabond Rose, to do them mischief, when they should become entangled in the defiles of the mountains, with the passes of which they were wholly unacquainted, and which were infested by his freebooting friends, the Crows.
Waves of sinuous shadow went over the ripe hayfields, and plundering bees sang a freebooting lilt in wayside gardens.
In this way, prime ministers could keep freebooting factions from migrating out of their party, thus making splits from the ruling party virtually impossible.
Part of the line of the Trans-Siberian was held by freebooting Cossacks and scoundrels, only nominally subordinate to Kolchak, and often insubordinate and rebellious.
He does discuss the provincial and national response to freebooting American capitalists in Rossland, but not in the context of "colonial" or "post-colonial" self-construction and with no comparative analysis.
By the time of the Doomsday Book in 1086, rebellions against the Normans had devastated the Anglo-Saxon landowning class - so much so that over 90 per cent of England was now owned by supporters of William the Conqueror, freebooting warriors from northern France, Normandy and Brittany.
Of the rest, those who want a free hand to work at the trade of freebooting want the Turks; and most of the people are not concerned about it at all.
The act reasserted the kind of control over the financial world that had rescued us from the 1930s Great Depression and helped sustain what really made America great--not free enterprise and freebooting, but a willingness to talk across political and economic lines to ensure that as many Americans as possible could prosper.
However, the number of well-armed and trained Islamist units is about to grow as the Pakistani Taliban have just announced that they have set up camps in Syria and have sent hundreds of men to Syria to operate alongside Jabhat Al Nusra, which gathers Islamists from many countries, including Libya and Tunisia, where increased government control offers a rapidly declining role for the militants as freebooting Islamist warriors are able to take advantage of the natural chaos of a civil war.