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1. Born as a free person, not as a slave or serf.
2. Relating to or befitting a person born free.


1. not born in slavery
2. of, relating to, or suitable for people not born in slavery



1. born free, rather than in slavery.
2. pertaining to or befitting persons born free.
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Adj.1.freeborn - born free of free parents
free - not held in servitude; "after the Civil War he was a free man"
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Moreover, it is necessary to instruct children in what is useful, not only on account of its being useful in itself, as, for instance, to learn to read, but also as the means of acquiring other different sorts of instruction: thus they should be instructed in painting, not only to prevent their being mistaken in purchasing pictures, or in buying or selling of vases, but rather as it makes [1338b] them judges of the beauties of the human form; for to be always hunting after the profitable ill agrees with great and freeborn souls.
His friend would have dissuaded him from this, from the mere motive of good-nature; but his dissuasion had no other effect than to produce a large volley of oaths and curses, which greatly shocked the pious ears of Supple; but he did not dare to remonstrate against a privilege which the squire claimed as a freeborn Englishman.
Of yore we had sauntered and talked, and effectually put the world behind us; for he was pledged to no institution in it, freeborn, ingenuus.
Napoleon remarked them, and speedily managed to rally them off: and yet Napoleon, in his turn, was not great enough with eight hundred thousand troops at his back, to face a pair of freeborn eyes, but fenced himself with etiquette and within triple barriers of reserve; and, as all the world knows from Madame de Stael, was wont, when he found himself observed, to discharge his face of all expression.
My brother wanted to shout the cry of challenge--one cry only--to let the people know we were freeborn robbers who trusted our arms and the great sea.
Do we not know that the worst deformity and ugliness of slavery are at once the cause and the effect of the reckless license taken by these freeborn outlaws?
Etihad Airways and Chapman Freeborn have entered into an Airbus A380 and private jet collaboration, for promoting and marketing Etihad's the Residence and First Apartment cabins, available on Etihad A380s.
It has nine offices located in Faribault, Martin, Blue Earth, Nicollet, Freeborn, Steele and Dakota Counties.
Foreman is currently Senior Counsel at Freeborn & Peters LLP, a Chicago-based law firm.
DONCASTER have cancelled next Saturday's meeting after bookings for the evening fell short of target and, after discussions between track boss Yvonne Freeborn and racing manager Mick Smith, the decision was taken to call it off, writes John Forbes.
based aircraft charter specialist Chapman Freeborn said it has partnered with WingsOverAsia to solidify the aircraft enthusiasts' community in Singapore and throughout the Asia region.
PROUD MOMENT: Warrant Officer Esther Freeborn will take up her new post tomorrow