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1. Having or characterized by a usually flowing asymmetric shape or outline: freeform sculpture.
2. Characterized by an unconventional or variable form: their own freeform teaching methods.

free′form′ adv.
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Entertainment and media company Disney's publishing arm, Disney Publishing Worldwide, plans to launch Freeform, a new imprint for young adults, literary news company Publishers Weekly revealed on Thursday.
The LightTools Advanced Design Module provides specialized tools for the design of freeform optics for a wide range of illumination applications
A major distributor of private label freeform lenses, CC Systems develops Optical and Ophthalmic Lab Management Software (LMS) Labzilla.
Enjoy tennis, water sports, spa and the stunning freeform infinity pool.
Weaving Freeform Wire Jewelry provides a lovely step-by-step guide to making freeform wire jewelry and covers everything from earrings and bracelets to pendants.
OCUCO'S US subsidiary, Ocuco Inc has filed a request with the US Patent Office to re-examine a Carl Zeiss Vision patent, which claims the invention of back-surface Freeform progressive lenses.
Supports automatic freeform surface measurement and feature detection/inspection without SMR or other targeting tools.
This is according to a mobile community research report commissioned by Business Logic Systems and conducted by the London analyst firm Freeform Dynamics.
FREEFORM FIVE head to Edinburgh next week to headline the massive Stereotype party as part of the Festival.
Deciding whether poetry, especially freeform poetry, is good is so subjective.
ProMetal RCT combines standard foundry materials and digital freeform fabrication technology to create complex cores and molds direct from CAD data.
Dressed and coiffed elaborately in period garb, a freeform parade of re-enactors did not perform, but they did soak up the Old West atmosphere at the Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio and add to it.