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intr.v. free·load·ed, free·load·ing, free·loads Slang
To take advantage of the charity, generosity, or hospitality of others.

free′load′er n.
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Slang. Of or characteristic of a parasite:
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It's about time these freeloading royals were taken out of the armed forces.
HAVE you noticed how the geniuses who run world football are going out of their way to sabotage their own freeloading lifestyles?
They'll be well looked after, however there won't be the kind of hedonistic freeloading we have seen in the past.
It damns Sir Nick - and his generation of freeloading Westminster leeches - that there is another way of getting a first-class ticket which doesn't seem to have occurred to him.
Even if a sale doesn't go through, Ashley, who is trying desperately to foster closer links with Toon fans after years of Fat Freddie freeloading, would probably love Allardyce to go without compensation because Newcastle PR is hardly helped by a manager who refuses to speak to major media outlets.
IT'S a good week for Eddie, the proprietor of Eddie's Bar, who actually has some other customers this week other than our freeloading grifter chums who have never knowingly paid for a drink in their lives.
That sense of pride and duty has not rubbed off on freeloading Lord Freddie, though.
Freeloading guests also caused a fifth of people to row with their partner over the matter.
And in doing so, the freeloading muppets also lost the run of the country and helped to construct the sorry road we are trudging now.
FREELOADING Prince Andrew today faces the overwhelming fury of the Queen, her top officials and other senior royals over his shameless playboy antics.
I think the issue is less one of free speech than it is one of freeloading.
COUNCILLORS have been accused of freeloading at the Open after SEVENTY-TWO of them were offered free tickets and hospitality.