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adj. fre·er, fre·est
a. Not imprisoned or confined: walked out of prison a free man; set the birds free.
b. Not controlled by obligation or the will of another: felt free to go.
a. Not controlled by another country or political power; independent: a free nation.
b. Governed by consent and possessing or granting civil liberties: a free citizenry.
c. Not subject to arbitrary interference by a government: a free press.
d. Not enslaved.
a. Not affected or restricted by a given condition or circumstance: a healthy animal, free of disease; people free from need.
b. Not subject to a given condition; exempt: income that is free of all taxes.
a. Not bound by convention or the rules of form: a free artistic style.
b. Not literal or exact: a free translation.
a. Costing nothing; gratuitous: a free meal.
b. Publicly supported: free education.
a. Unobstructed; clear: a free lane on the highway.
b. Not occupied or used: a free locker; free energy.
c. Not taken up by scheduled activities: free time between classes.
a. Immoderate in giving or spending; liberal or lavish: tourists who are free with their money.
b. Frank or unguarded in expression or manner; open or outspoken: She is very free with her opinions.
8. Given, made, or done of one's own accord; voluntary or spontaneous: a free act of the will; free choices.
9. Chemistry & Physics
a. Unconstrained; unconfined: free expansion.
b. Not fixed in position; capable of relatively unrestricted motion: a free electron.
c. Not chemically bound in a molecule: free oxygen.
d. Involving no collisions or interactions: a free path.
e. Empty or unoccupied: a free space; an atom with a free energy level.
10. Nautical Favorable: a free wind.
11. Not bound, fastened, or attached: the free end of a chain.
12. Linguistics
a. Being a form, especially a morpheme, that can stand as an independent word, such as boat or bring.
b. Being a vowel in an open syllable, as the o in go.
1. In a free manner; without restraint.
2. Without charge.
tr.v. freed, free·ing, frees
1. To make free, as from confinement or oppression: freed the slaves.
2. To relieve of a burden, obligation, or restraint: a people who were at last freed from fear.
3. To remove obstructions or entanglements from; clear: free a path through the jungle.
4. To make available: Canceling the program freed up money for the new library.
n. Sports
for free Informal
Without charge.

[Middle English fre, from Old English frēo. V., from Middle English freen, from Old English frēon, to love, set free; see prī- in Indo-European roots.]

free′ly adv.
free′ness n.
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Enable a fibrillation of regenerated cellulose above 90A SR on the Schopper-Riegler freeness index at reasonable cost and time
Each of the Big Five personality traits contains Uncertainty and retreat for Neuroticism; Interest and Confidence for Extraversion; Intelligent and Freeness for Openness/Intellect; Energetic and pattern for Conscientiousness; and Understanding and Courtesy for Agreeableness.
This type of thinking also informs the attempts to disprove the freeness of free verse.
Currently, the reasons for using child sex selection technology can be categorized into three groups: a) preventing from the birth of babies with severe sex-linked diseases, b) choosing the gender of the baby to balance the child sex combination in the family and c) the freeness to choose the gender of the baby (1, 2).
Characterised by an expressive freeness of form and evocative use of natural colours, these paintings speak of Kerr's deep engagement with the surrounding landscape.
Then in [section]3 we introduce a new tool to prove the freeness of arrangements.
My song, 'Hope You're Having Fun,' is about letting loose and finally giving yourself a type of emotional and mental freeness from being stuck on the same boy for a while," said McVaugh on her new hit single.
Q: A lot of people celebrate both the freeness of modern culture and the culture of appropriation.
But we will argue from first principles, united in our belief in the real-ness of reality, the freeness of freedom, and the goodness of being.
Sample question 28 of the survey provided the backbone fore the questions context: On the whole, how would you rate the freeness and fairness of the last national election?
Khartoum, March 17 (SUNA) - The Director of the Department of Plant Protection at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Khadir Jibreel, has announced the full eradication of locust and freeness of the country from this disaster, stressing that all the teams have finished ground control operations.