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1. A stone, such as limestone, that is soft enough to be cut easily without shattering or splitting.
2. A fruit, especially a peach, that has a stone that does not adhere to the flesh.

[Middle English freston, translation of Old French franche pere, high-grade stone : franche, high-grade, feminine of franc, noble, freeborn + pere, stone.]

free′stone′ adj.


1. (Geological Science)
a. any fine-grained stone, esp sandstone or limestone, that can be cut and worked in any direction without breaking
b. (as modifier): a freestone house.
2. (Botany) botany
a. a fruit, such as a peach, in which the flesh separates readily from the stone
b. (as modifier): a freestone peach. Compare clingstone



1. a peach or other fruit having a pit that does not cling to the pulp.
2. the pit itself.
3. a stone, as sandstone, that can be freely worked or quarried without splitting.
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Noun1.freestone - fruit (especially peach) whose flesh does not adhere to the pit
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
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The gabled brick, tile, and freestone houses had almost dried off for the season their integument of lichen, the streams in the meadows were low, and in the sloping High Street, from the West Gateway to the mediaeval cross, and from the mediaeval cross to the bridge, that leisurely dusting and sweeping was in progress which usually ushers in an old-fashioned market-day.
And true it is that he did many of these things; but had he done nothing more I should have left him to have recorded his own merit on some fair freestone over the door of that hospital.
A flight of red freestone steps, fenced in by a balustrade of curiously wrought iron, ascends from the court-yard to the spacious porch, over which is a balcony, with an iron balustrade of similar pattern and workmanship to that beneath.
And, last of all, comes a figure shrouded in a military cloak, tossing his clinched hands into the air, and stamping his iron-shod boots upon the broad freestone steps, with a semblance of feverish despair, but without the sound of a foot-tramp.
They saw a flight of red freestone steps ascending to a portal, above which was a balcony and balustrade.
The slope was covered with coarse gravel, interspersed with plates of freestone.
We have nothing else to tear it with,'' replied Wamba; ``but mine are scarce fit to make mammocks of freestone and mortar.
She thought of the white freestone, the pillared portico, and the terrace full of flowers, Sir James smiling above them like a prince issuing from his enchantment in a rose-bush, with a handkerchief swiftly metamorphosed from the most delicately odorous petals--Sir James, who talked so agreeably, always about things which had common-sense in them, and not about learning
The settlement is near the beach; it consists of several houses and barracks placed irregularly, but well built of white freestone.
So here, in the course of a few years, was another thriving city, with a red freestone palace in the center of it, where Thasus sat upon a throne, doing justice to the people, with a purple robe over his shoulders, a sceptre in his hand, and a crown upon his head.
Vetch veteran Freestone will today attend a special Swansea v Cardiff match between fans who run unofficial websites of the two Welsh clubs.
reached an agreement with Freestone Capital Management, LLC and certain of its affiliates to repurchase the 810,937 shares of the Company's common stock beneficially owned by Freestone.